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Courier Service Secrets: Holdbacks and Rush Delivery by the Courier Company

The first line of defense between your goods and your customers is your courier service. Finding a dependable courier who will serve as a positive extension of your business and leave the appropriate image will be much easier if you are aware of some of the tactics that various courier services employ.

Your cell phone calls as you’re heading to the Edmonton Oilers’ playoff hockey game. Your most significant client is now engaged in construction on a big bridge across the North Saskatchewan River in Alberta when a gas leak is discovered. They urgently require one of your specialty drill bits! They are hurriedly attending to their immediate issue, thus they are unable to come pick it up.

What Ought You to Do?

It’s the playoffs, you paid over $200 on nearly impossible to obtain hockey tickets. On the other hand, you can’t fail your most important client! When you phone your courier service, you assume they will take care of your emergency because it is now 7 p.m. When you dial the number and get no response, panic starts to set in.

You must quickly locate a Same Day Courier Service that operates after business hours. You stop at a phone booth in a panic to find a courier open at this late hour, but you don’t have an account with them. You fumble through the directory at the phone booth. Furthermore, how do you know that you’ll even locate a trustworthy person? Call after call must be made until you eventually speak with an informed person, not someone who is just taking messages for the business after hours. You make a promise to yourself that after today’s unfortunate events, your first task tomorrow will be to locate a new courier service that is accessible to handle emergencies.

How Will You Locate a New Courier Company?

The vast majority of local courier services don’t have websites, so you’ll need to use the huge Yellow Book or your online Yellow Pages directory to search for local courier express firms. There, you’ll locate a business that values their brand enough to invest in a high-quality website. The work a firm puts into providing truthful content on its website can reveal a lot about it.

Start by looking for a courier business that makes it clear that it offers 24/7/365 courier service. While you’re at it, try calling them after hours to see what kind of real-time answer you’ll get about your search. You will lose valuable time waiting for their response because they might only have an answering service for after-hours calls. You might be better off finding elsewhere for a business that can satisfy your objectives if the Same Day Courier appear unable or unwilling to help you.

Don’t be caught off guard; these kinds of situations occur far too regularly. Create a backup plan for the worst-case scenarios.

Some delivery services follow an inappropriate practice of leaving the packages with a driver who has been contacted for a point-to-point or hot shot delivery. If the courier delayed a regular delivery in order to get a full load, businesses would already be behind schedule and would now be considerably further behind.

Some Courier Express Providers

Even when they are not busy, some courier express providers will delay regular deliveries. They will either park along the roadside and wait till the appropriate time to pick up your order arrives, or they will swiftly pick up your order and delay delivery. This is a deplorable tactic used to compel you to call a freight rush service!

Reputable courier services never adhere to unethical business tactics. Even though it’s not a freight rush service, a company that strives to offer the best quality of service will pick up and transport your package as quickly as they can. Unfortunately, when it comes to delivering your goods, many couriers do not adhere to industry best practices.

As a point of reference, it’s crucial to realize that you shouldn’t exploit the courier express company that functions in this way by failing to request a freight rush service when you genuinely need one. Holdbacks on regular deliveries are one way that a courier firm makes you upgrade to rush courier service when there is a rush. You never know; it might be the case that your courier was too busy to deliver as swiftly as you had anticipated the one time you actually needed your delivery in a hurry. You are now in conflict with your client!


One of the most crucial things your organization needs to be aware of is understanding some of the essentials when choosing which courier company to utilize. Your best defense against a bad corporate image with product delivery is to be aware of many of the less-than-desirable courier service practices that some businesses sustain and avoid those who do not adhere to the industry’s best practices.

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