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How To Analytical Balances For Sale

Analytical balances are an important piece of equipment for any laboratory, lab technician or scientist. They are able to measure weights and can be used to conduct a wide variety of research and experiments. There are many types of analytical balances for sale, but some of the most popular brands include Mettler Toledo, Scientech and Ohaus.


Analytical balances are a great way to measure very small amounts of mass. They can be very sensitive and can produce very accurate results. OHAUS has an extensive line of balances to choose from.

The most basic analytical scale consists of a weighing chamber and a weighing pan. The chamber encloses the pan and prevents air currents from interfering with measurements. In fact, many analytical scales come with draft shields that can be very useful for readout accuracy.

Some of the best balances on the market, like the OHAUS i-D61PW12K1R5, come with a variety of features. These include an RS-232 interface, which allows for data to be sent to a computer or printer. It’s also worth noting that most balances are able to auto-calibrate themselves.

Mettler Toledo

Mettler Toledo analytical balances are a series of scales designed to deliver precise weighing. They provide reliable results with an intuitive user interface. These lab balances are suited for use in diverse applications such as quality assurance, standard preparation, sample preparation and formulation.

Mettler Toledo’s XPE 105 Analytical Balance is part of the XPE series of lab balances. It features a touchscreen display and an electromagnetic force compensator that provides dependable measurement data. This model also has a USB port and a RS-232 interface, making it a versatile choice.

Compared to self-calibrating lab balances, Mettler Toledo’s XPE 104 Analytical Balance is less expensive. The high capacity of the balance allows it to accurately measure a wide range of mass measurements, from 0.1 to 120 grams.


An analytical balance is a highly sophisticated lab instrument that is designed to perform a multitude of tasks. Its main purpose is to weigh a sample and measure its mass. While it may not be as accurate as a precision balance, it is capable of detecting very small increments in mass.

The best analytical balances are capable of detecting a very small change in mass, such as a microgram. This is because they are more sensitive than conventional weighing machines. Analytical balances often feature automatic calibration to ensure a stable reading.

An analytical balance’s capacity is usually limited to a few grams, making it necessary to be very careful with it. Nevertheless, it is a useful tool in any laboratory. Some models are even portable and can be used on the field.

A&D Weighing

A&D Weighing manufactures a variety of measurement products for the laboratory market, from electronic balances to load cells. They have distribution centers in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Russia.

A&D Weighing’s analytical balances are ideal for laboratory use. Their precision balances offer great resolution and fast response. Some models have super hybrid sensor technology. This technology combines single point parallelogram load cell technology with magnetic force restoration, reducing maintenance costs and improving weighing performance.

A&D Weighing’s FX-i series precision balance has a comparator function and a data memory feature. It also has a fanless static eliminator.

A&D Weighing offers a wide variety of industrial scales. The GP Series is NEMA Type 4 rated and has auto environmental compensation. Designed to be used in a range of applications, it has a stainless steel housing. It features a large (9″ x 7 1/2″) removable stainless steel weighing pan.


Apollo analytic balances for sale are well suited to the rigors of high performance weighing. A streamlined design allows for fast, accurate readings. This esoteric piece of equipment also comes with an impressive list of bells and whistles. Among the many highlights are the rogue, a nifty weighing chamber, a robust ionizer, a nifty display and a hefty price tag. With all these bells and whistles, the Apollo model arguably stands as the most versatile lab weighing machine on the market.

The best part is that this high tech weighing machine comes with a two year warranty, giving you more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Toss in some quality time with your loved ones, and you’ll be all set. The Apollo has also been designed to help you keep the lab running smoothly.

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