This is How Dr. Rachel Jones Helps Treat a Variety of Hormonal Conditions At The Hormone Clinic

Like a skilled tightrope walker navigating a high wire, hormones are crucial in maintaining the body’s delicate balance. Even a slight imbalance can cause a catastrophe within the human body. When hormones are out of balance, it can manifest as other symptoms. 

Though hormone imbalance may show as physical symptoms, they can also exacerbate or even cause mental illnesses. Understanding the intricate relationship between hormones and mental health is vital to optimize our well-being. Dr. Rachel Jones, a leading Psychiatrist, opened The Hormone Clinic for this very purpose – to help people identify the cause of their mental health problems and find a solution.

Dr. Jones has worked as a Psychiatrist for more than twenty years, having responsibly treated thousands of patients during her career. She has treated people suffering from nearly all manners of mental health disorders, such as schizophrenia, anxiety disorder, depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder, organic psychiatric disorders, substance abuse, and alcoholism. She has also worked with several individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome and ADHD. Recognising that many of her patients had undiagnosed hormone imbalances, she began to finely tune hormone levels which provided global health benefits especially to mental health. .

Throughout her career, Dr. Jones often worked alongside psychological therapists who would assist her with specific treatment plans. During her years as a consultant, she uncovered a glaring gap in the healthcare landscape – a medical center that would solely focus on mental disorders caused by a hormonal imbalance in both women and men. This realization inspired her to establish The Hormone Clinic.

Even though the clinic has been open for only two years, it has become somewhat of a household name. It was awarded Hormone Clinic of the Year in 2022, a well-deserved achievement, given how Dr. Jones and her team have worked so hard to help their patients. Her dedication to helping people with appropriate and optimal treatment is highlighted in the stellar reviews that her past patients have shared on Instagram.

One patient writes about her interaction with Dr. Jones, “I immediately felt at ease. Everything was explained and there was time for questions. Nothing felt hurried, I’m so grateful to Dr. Jones for all her help.” Another woman who was treated at the clinic by replenishing hormones naturally, which were initially depleted in the body, says, “I found Dr. Jones easy to talk to, on a tricky subject that isn’t always comfortable to discuss, she made me feel easy and explained the process fully.  I am so pleased I made the decision to make an appointment.”

Dr. Jones is highly passionate about helping people find balance within their bodies and improve their mental health conditions. She is also very vocal about the illnesses caused by a hormonal imbalance. By regularly posting about such issues on Instagram, Dr. Jones hopes that more and more people will come forward to seek the help they need to live a normal and healthy life.

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