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When one finally buys a home, it is an achievement for most people and gives them a sense of pride. While they may have gone through various hurdles to get their home, their next step in the process is designing their interiors and exteriors. Several people hire designers to do up their homes, and while this is an option, there is a unique joy in decorating a home by oneself.

People who choose to go the DIY way might find the unending choices, colour schemes, themes, etc., formidable. With a range of factors to consider like, designer outdoor furniture to trendy interior decor, it can be a daunting undertaking if done alone. But not to worry, home decoration is an excellent outlet for creativity, albeit the stress. People can choose from a limitless variety of themes and designs trending presently to do up their homes or go the Classic way for timeless home decor.


While dealing with home interiors, various styles or themes exist for people to choose from, depending on their taste. Every decor theme has its trending piece of the season, like minimalism, bohemian, etc. Every part of the house also has design trends that change with the season. Also, get idea of cost of floor sanding.

The Modern Living Room

Living rooms are to entertain guests unless homeowners have a separate parlour. The living room’s design usually reflects the residents’ tastes most fashionably, almost like they are boasting their aesthetic vibe. The modern living room still has the standard features and furniture like sofas, coffee tables, ottomans, etc. But their designs differ depending on the decor theme. Today’s living rooms are becoming more modest, with plain but bold colours, straight-silhouette furniture, minimalist art, and subtle patterns.

The Industrial or Classic Kitchen

Kitchen decor was rarely a factor that homeowners focused on, but today most people pay close attention to their kitchen detailing. The cabinets, platforms, islands, hobs, shelves, and even the crockery and cutlery sport an overall decor theme. Industrial kitchens sport straight lines with subdued colours, boasting a utilitarian aesthetic. The industrial kitchen has simple designs but allures with its Spartan aesthetic. The classic kitchens have a retro vibe with loud colours and patterns. They bring back the themes of the 60s or 70s with cherry red, tangerine orange, and lime yellow, combined with forest green, navy blue, etc.

The Suave Patio Or Deck

Homes with decks or patios usually have luxurious decor and designs that stand out. These outdoor areas define the look, as they form a majority portion of the exteriors. People can choose from a limitless variety of designer outdoor furniture to decorate their patios, decks, and gardens. Today’s trends highlight suede tones for outdoor furniture. Minimalism and mid-century modern are popular designs for the outdoors, but people can also opt for more colourful options. The classic outdoor decor has hardwood floors and wooden furniture with dark hues. Homeowners can also try bohemian, art deco, retro, or industrial decor.

The Dainty Bathroom

Bathroom Decor saw a revolution in the past decade, with several designers solely focusing on bathroom interiors. Aesthetic bathrooms are raging on social media, with standalone bathtubs, indoor plants, elegant showers, hot tubs, etc. The predominant bathroom design has gold trims with dark wooden pieces. The hues meld well together and exude a luxurious vibe. The indoor plants and their pots also add to the luxury decor, allowing homeowners a spa-like experience in the bathroom. People can also opt for an all-white aesthetic with silver trims for a similar vibe. Homeowners can also install unique showerheads, faucets, bowls, basins, and platforms to complete the look. Granite, marble, tiling and mosaic in the bathroom are a few classic options for those wanting bathroom decor for the ages.

The investment you make in the new house should feature your dream. Choose the outdoor and indoor accessories that reflect natural surroundings. You must closely consider factors that make it both functional and sophisticated.
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