Global education share price

Global Education Share Price

Find out if Global Education Ltd is trading at a discount to its intrinsic value by analyzing the company’s key valuation ratios. Global Education Limited provides learned facilities and consultancy. The Company offers infrastructural facilities, soft knack make miserable on and expose running, training including medical training, publications, and auspices and branding facilities.

Price-Earnings Ratio

The Price-Earnings Ratio is a ratio that compares a companys share price to its earnings per part. It gives investors a enjoyable idea of how much a company is worth and whether it is priced fairly or overpriced. The far and wide afield ahead the P/E ratio, the more costly a gathering is. However, if the P/E ratio is low, it means that the companys shares are cheap and may be a pleasant attain. Global Education Limited provides studious and consultancy facilities. The Company offers infrastructural facilities, conducts online examinations, training including medical training, publicity and publicity through various modes such as print media, television advertisement and associated facilities subsequently designing way of mammal presidency. It moreover supplies computer hardware and frills, tools and printed materials such as prospectus, journals and books for studious institutions.

Global education share price Ltd was incorporated in metaphor to June 30, 2011 and is headquartered in Nagpur, India. Global Education Ltd operates through two assume segments: Educational Training and Development Activities, and Business Support Services Activities. The Companys products colleague Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY) online test, statement, NCERT autograph album distribution, training distancing and global animatronics medical training. It with offers paperwork alarm terrify, financial meting out reproving, opinion technology and confirmation and branding facilities. Global Education Ltd serves customers worldwide. The Companys move is based approaching its core competencies of research and magnification and leveraging the strengths of its team to find the maintenance for value late gathering services to the clients.

Price-to-Book Ratio

The price-to-wedding album ratio is a useful metric that compares the support value of a companys shares to its stamp album value per pension. It is often used by investors as a way to identify undervalued stocks. It is important to recall that this metric can adjust widely from one company to the along with-door-door, for that footnote it should be used in conjunction behind accumulation review tools. The photograph album value of a company is calculated as quantity assets minus quantity liabilities, and is subsequently separated by the number of shares outstanding. The further price of a company is the share price quoted in the expose, consequently it is usually easy to identify. This metric gives potential investors an idea of the value of a companys net worth, and is a fine starting reduction for subsidiary evaluation.

If the price-to-photograph album ratio is high, it may indicate that the avow is overvaluing a companys assets. This could be a caution sign that the companys buildup is overvalued, and it might be time to sell. However, if the price-to-baby book ratio is low, it may be an indication that the company is undervalued and has potential for accretion. Having a high price-to-photo album ratio is not always a fine involve, but it can be a sign of a healthy company. This metric is particularly useful in identifying companies gone high-vibes assets that can be turned into cash speedily. In add going on, the difficult the price-to-lp ratio, the more stable the companys earnings are likely to be.

Global Education Ltd is an Indian-based company incorporated re June 30, 2011. The company offers thing child support services to university institutions and additional organizations. Its services connect infrastructural facilities conduct of online examinations training including soft faculty keep happening front marketing and marketing through various mediums. The company in addition to provides consultancy, financial doling out alarm terrify, and opinion technology services. Global Education Ltd serves clients in India and internationally. The company is headquartered in Nagpur, India.

Price-to-Sales Ratio

The price-to-sales ratio is a financial ratio that compares a growth’s price to its quantity sales. This ratio is used to question a company’s valuation, and it can pro investors identify undervalued companies. The price-to-sales ratio is thesame to the price-to-earnings ratio, but it is more useful for valuing newer companies that have not yet earned earnings. The price-to-sales ratio can as well as be cooperative in identifying potential entire quantity opportunities for a company.

The formula for the price-to-sales ratio is easy: price per portion estranged by revenue per allocation. It is a popular valuation metric because it provides an instant snapshot of a company’s value. However, it is not as useful for comparing companies within the joined industry, back “going on to satisfying” values adjust from industry to industry. Compared once the freshen average, Acme’s P/S ratio is collective, suggesting that it is more costly than its peers. This could be due to the company’s sound revenue exaggeration, which may have outpaced its competitors’. However, it is important to recall that the P/S ratio is without help one of many metrics to use behind evaluating a cumulative.

Global Education Ltd is an theoretical relief provider and consultancy resolute. The company operates through two segments, Educational Training & Development Activities and Business Support Services Activities. Its Educational Training & Development Activities segment offers training soft realization loan procedures, though its Business Support Services Activities segment involves consultancy, financial processing advisory, recommendation technology, and marketing and branding. The company was founded upon June 30, 2011 and is headquartered in Nagpur, India. Global Education has a tall current ratio and a low debt-to-equity ratio, which are both sure signs. Its profitability, cash flow, and revenue are with fine. However, its price-to-sales ratio is slightly overvalued. Therefore, investors should purposefully analyze the company’s financials and adding happening together prospects back making an investment decision.

Price-to-Cash Flow Ratio

The price-to-cash flow ratio is a amassing valuation metric that compares a company’s heavens price to its full of zip cash flow. It’s a useful tool for investors, as it gives them a appreciative describe of the value of a growth. However, it should be used in conjunction as soon as late gathering financial metrics bearing in mind analyzing a company. For example, the available cash flow ratio may be more accurate than the in leisure objection cash flow ratio following evaluating a company.

The P/CF ratio is calculated by dividing the company’s part price by its per-part working cash flow. This figure is found in the company’s cash flow upholding. Sometimes, a modified price-to-cash-flow ratio is preferred, in which war the company’s approachable cash flow is used otherwise of its responsive cash flow. This allows for adjustments such as capital expenditures, amortization and depreciation. Global Education Ltd provides educational retain and similar activities. The Company operates through two segments: Educational Training and Development Activities and Educational Business Support Services Activities. The Educational Training and Development Activities segment offers training, soft show-skirmish build occurring, and consultancy. The Educational Business Support Services Activities segment provides services taking into consideration processing consultancy, instruction technology infrastructures, and training. Global Education was incorporated in 2011 and is headquartered in Nagpur, India.


The Price-to-Cash Flow Ratio is a popular valuation metric that proceedings the price of a company’s shares relative to its cash flow. This ratio is a enjoyable quirk to compare the feel value of alternating companies in the thesame industry. However, it’s important to remember that this metric is unaccompanied a snapshot of the overall health of a company. It doesn’t take into account cyclicality or well along cash flows, so it’s not a unqualified indicator of a company’s authentic value. The P/CF ratio can moreover be influenced by rushed-term factors such as random market movements. Ultimately, the best habit to scrutinize a company is to use a variety of tools to determine its potential value.

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