Follow the Journey of the Inspiring Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ross Blagg

Dr. Ross Blagg, a well-respected board-certified plastic surgeon, is the brilliant mind behind the success of the Plastic Surgery Road Trip.

The life of Dr. Ross Blagg has been an adventurous one from the very start. At 13 and during his short stay in Australia, he learned scuba diving and assisted in monitoring the Great Barrier Reef, Ecuador, and the Caribbean while pursuing oceanography and marine biology endeavors. This sparked an interest in Dr. Ross Blagg, who learned more about marine life.

However, as he grew older, Dr. Ross developed a fascination for , and at the age of fourteen, he set out to become a plastic surgeon. When asked how he knew this life would be a good fit for him, he says, “Once I realized the enormous range of surgeries a plastic surgeon could do and the merger of art, , and science, I was captivated.”

After in-depth research, Dr. Ross Blagg was astounded to learn about the breadth of plastic surgery and the miracles it performs.

Today renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Ross practices at Synergy Plastic Surgery in Austin, Texas. He enjoys being of service to others and seeing people’s lives improve. He makes an effort to spend time with his patients on a regular basis to give them a sense of value. Consequently, Dr. Ross Blagg works to inculcate love, devotion, and respect for his patients in his work.

Being a humanitarian at heart, Dr. Ross chose to search his own country for individuals in need of reconstruction after the COVID-19 outbreak prevented him from continuing his customary foreign work. Along the way, he established Lyfe in Plastic Productions, a production company based on the idea of adventure philanthropy, of which the Plastic Surgery Road Trip (PSRT) is a primary component. Additionally, all episodes are broadcasted on Youtube. 

Dr. Ross has a long list of achievements in his academic and professional careers. Along with his various accomplishments, he also enjoys building relationships with his patients, listening to their issues, and helping them as much as he can. He has led a passion-driven life. After accomplishing so much in his youth, it is unclear what marvels he might achieve in the future. But we’re sure that whatever he does after that will be both incredibly entertaining and inspiring. To follow the journey of the inspiring plastic surgeon Dr. Ross Blagg you can visit his Instagram at @dr.rossblagg.

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