Everything You Need To Know About Lice Removal In NYC

Lice removal experts provide chemical-free treatments with unrelenting combing and expert nit-picking. They also offer a comforting and kid-friendly in-home experience. Gothamist spoke to delousers who say business dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that’s changed. They’re busy as ever now. Check your children’s heads for lice every day. It is important to find lice and nits BEFORE they hatch into adults.

Lice Checks

Lice are small, grayish white parasites that latch onto hair and feed on blood. Lice have a two-week life cycle and are difficult to remove with over-the-counter products that contain permethrin or pyrethrins. Unlike dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis, lice do not itch and cannot be removed with a comb or toothbrush. Children are often self-conscious about head Lice Removal NYC and may hide it. Infections are more likely when students have frequent contact with one another, and are typically spread by direct head-to-head contact.

Schools can help reduce the incidence of lice by educating parents about the condition and the district’s policy on head lice. They should also stress that head lice do not cause disease and are not a sign of poor hygiene. In line with NYC Department of Education policies, schools should not restrict student attendance based on the presence of lice or nits alone. This is a child-friendly approach to dealing with head lice, and it can prevent further contamination of classrooms and other school facilities.

Lice Treatments

Head lice (called pediculosis) thrive in school settings, where children often hug and lean on each other, sharing hats and hair accessories. Lice can’t survive without a human host for very long, so they move from scalp to scalp, laying eggs that stick to the hair shaft. The city’s Department of Education doesn’t keep centralized data on lice outbreaks, and representatives from delousing companies that screen kids for the tiny parasites couldn’t verify whether cases were on the rise or down. However, several parents told Gothamist they’ve seen an uptick.

Over-the-counter treatment options don’t always work, especially against resistant strains, and can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions in some people. The FDA-approved pediculicides, such as topical spinosad and the newer over-the-counter product ivermectin (Sklice), kill lice by targeting their nervous systems. Some child-friendly salons also offer a chemical-free, guaranteed, and completely safe treatment, in which a trained and certified lice specialist combs out every single louse from the scalp and nits (eggs) with an electric nit comb and an expert eye for detail. Many of these specialists will even come to your home.

Lice Removal NYC

There are several NYC-based lice removal services that prioritize safety and provide expert treatment at competitive rates. Their services are typically chemical-free, relying on unrelenting combing and expert nit picking to eradicate the problem. They also offer a one-time guarantee against recurrence, ensuring that once their clients are lice-free, they will remain so.

Larger Than Lice is a licensed and insured home lice treatment service that serves Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx. The company’s professional head Lice Checks NYC specialists come directly to your family’s home to perform an effective and comprehensive lice treatment service. They will first confirm the presence of lice and nits, then use a natural solution to kill the lice and nits before meticulously combing them out with a nit comb. The unique in-home treatment service provides families with a more efficient, convenient and comfortable lice removal experience than visiting a lice salon. In addition, it eliminates the need for a child to sit and wait at an unfamiliar location.

Lice Busters NYC

We have been helping families battle lice for 22 years. Licensed salons use expert combing and safe treatment methods to help you get rid of lice and nits fast. We accept FSA, HSA & CareCredit and treatment is covered by many medical plans. While the COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed down school-based head lice outbreaks, Gothamist talked to experts and delousing companies about how the tiny parasites are spreading this year and what parents can do to keep their kids head-lice free.

Lice Busters NYC is a professional lice removal service with offices in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx. They offer in-home lice treatments and comprehensive screening services for schools, camps and daycare centers. Their services include a lice comb out spray, unrelenting combing and expert nit removal. Their unique “In-Home Lice Treatment” service extends their client-centric approach to the comfort of home, ensuring a convenient and discreet treatment experience. Their services also extend to schools, allowing them to provide comprehensive head lice school screenings.


Time and money are two of our most precious resources. Bargain pricing is tempting, but it usually ends in a disappointing outcome for your family. A handful of delousers who screen children for head lice tell Gothamist that their businesses are busier than ever. And that’s not a good thing.

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