Smoking Lead to Sleep Problems

Can Smoking Lead to Sleep Problems

Do you smoke, or think about it. What is your mind telling you about it? What is it that you get out of it? If smoking is of assistance to your positive health, Bravo. Let me try to ask if you have ever experienced the following symptoms.

They may not be as a result of smoking but could be the source if you have been smoking or are about to quit. Do you stay long in bed, tossing and just staring into the dark before falling asleep? Or do you just gate wake up calls in the middle of the night and wonder for long in the dark without falling back to sleep.

Smoking has permeant deformations to our health, and it’s a major cause of a handful of avoidable death to the human population. Amazingly not partaking in the habit is a grateful option you are doing to yourself. Unfortunately, trying to quit may also result in short period difficulties but cheering yourself to every day with no smoke is a reward to your body.

How Smoking Relates to Your Sleep

If you look at the people who smoke, they do experience an abnormal sleeping pattern. At the same time, those trying to stop are more troubled as they get the feel of smoking while unable to sleep. The feeling puts them at a disadvantage of not letting go of the habit.

Even though smoking affects anxieties and can make you feel cool, quitting may be the start of your short-term problems after getting attached to it. Smoking acts as a stimulant with effects that make individuals active for long periods. For those bored and exhausted, nicotine can influence the working of their sleep provider receptors to the point of making an individual active even after long hours of being awake. The main problems come from their prolonged use or during quitting.

How Nicotine Affects your Sleeping

Let’s see how nicotine affects us during its use and while trying to stop or even after stopping it.
Smoking contains nicotine which has direct effects on your sleep. Nicotine can lead to sleep apnea, a major cause of heart diseases, recession, and paralysis. If you experience the issue of lack of concentration, memory loss, or constant night urinal, then there is a need to opt for medical checkups.

During quitting, you would experience hell if you have been a nicotine user. It has been observed that during the early weeks of quitting, individuals may experience sleepless nights, looseness bowels, and even unsettles. As the body tries to adapt to a new adaptation, you will experience body cravings and constipation.

During quitting, individuals undergo withdrawals signs which cause someone to be awake for long. The drugs used to treat nicotine addiction also add to the anxieties and mental torture experience. The results of smoking have adverse effects which individuals need to be aware of.

How to Have a Better Sleep

Having a good sleeping pattern means great health. Achieving a better sleeping pattern is of great importance to all individuals. It does not mean that you need to be a smoker or a non-smoker to practice healthy sleeping activities. Quality sleep allows individuals to be productive and have a positive attitude.

The following are some of the practices of a healthy sleeping process.

Develop a routine for your sleeping pattern that you would follow throughout.
It will help if you avoid caffeine and alcohol before going to bed as they act as a stimulus and may keep you active during sleeping hours.

Avoid being close to bright lights or close-up screens during bedtimes.
In the case of midnight calls, you need to avoid checking on phones, laptops, or clocks. Just relax in the bed and try falling back to sleep.

Some sleeplessness might be a result of stress. To allow easy sleeping, you need to practice stress-relieving exercise before sleeping time. Such techniques can include yoga, creative writing, or meditations.

To keep track of your healthy living steps, you can come up with a way to congratulate yourself every time you overcome the urge of smoking. Take yourself to lovely places with great and healthy company, food, and friends to help cope with the situation.

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