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Featuring Juun J, GCDS, Zilver, Y/Project and a special selection of New York Fashion Week designers including Private Policy and PH5. MTA Chairman Janno Lieber has said that platform doors, which would align with train car doors and open when trains stop, are “still months away.” Find out more here.

The Knickerbocker Hotel Subway Door

Located on the corner of Broadway and 42nd Street in Times Square, the Knickerbocker Hotel is a Beaux-Arts masterpiece built with John Jacob Astor IV’s money. The hotel opened in 1906 and was intended to attract not only tourists but also theatergoers. The hotel’s rooms offer a serene counterpoint to the throngs of people and lights that converge on Times Square. A sleek, modern design and soundproof windows help block out the noise of the streets beyond. A rooftop bar with skyscraper views is the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail or a snack.

The property is a short walk from Bryant Park and multiple Broadway theatres. Visiting natural sites like Central Park is also easy as the hotel is around a 20-minute drive from JFK and about 30 to 50 minutes from LaGuardia. Moovit makes it easy to get from point A to point B by giving you directions for all the available bus and subway options.

The Miss Manhattan Statues

During the day, look down on Flatbush Avenue Extension in downtown Brooklyn and you might spot two revolving statues. The women you’re seeing are a modern iteration of the original “Miss Brooklyn” and “Miss Manhattan” statues that sat at either end of the old Manhattan Bridge gateway. The originals were removed in 1964 by Robert Moses, who felt they were in the way of traffic. The $450,000 reincarnations designed by Brian Tolle took a decade to build. Discover the world of independent fashion, art and beauty brands at new SoHo concept store.

Originally, the granite statues were sculpted by Daniel Chester French, who was known for his gigantic Abe Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial and Columbia University’s “Alma Mater” sculpture. Both statues are allegorical of their boroughs. Miss Brooklyn holds a Roman tablet next to a tree, while the aloof Miss Manhattan has her foot on a chest representing money and a peacock by her side. Both statues were modeled on Audrey Munson, a popular Gilded Age artist’s model and referred to as America’s first supermodel, according to 6sqft. She was also the model for many other city doors and buildings.

The New York City Subway System

A pillar of New York City life, the subway is one of the oldest public transit systems in the United States and one of the longest in the world. New Yorkers can’t imagine their lives without it. Subway routes are usually designated with a letter or number and grouped into lines, such as the blue 8th Avenue line, the red Broadway-7th Ave line, and the green Flushing Line. Within each line, there are services that have the same name and color (such as ), but start and end at different stations. You can transfer between subway and local bus services with your pay-per-ride MetroCard. You can swipe your card at any subway station to change to a bus, even if the station isn’t listed on your current route.

The Brooklyn Bridge

A majestic bridge linking Manhattan and Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most impressive structures built in the 19th century. It was the first large-scale steel suspension bridge in the world, and cost $15 million to build. Upon its opening on May 24, 1883, crowds of people gathered on both sides of the East River, adorned with colorful flags and bunting. The Brooklyn Bridge is also famous for rising up to three inches in cold weather, a result of the cables contracting and expanding. This phenomenon has been observed since the bridge’s completion.

Last Word

The Brooklyn Bridge’s towers are topped with 19 steel-strand cables, each of which contains 286 individual wires. These cables are so strong that they’ve kept the bridge standing even during the Great Fire of New York in 1883. They can carry up to 100,000 cars and pedestrians every day, but they are also home to peregrine falcons, which nest in the bridge’s two towers.

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