Most of us don’t really pay attention to carpet soiling nor they think it might be dangerous, but for those of you who are facing problems with allergies or asthma at home you should know how make it better.

With the summer now going away we will stay more and more at home and if not else maintaining a clean environment is probably the hardest thing to do. When you come home you bring airborne soil with yourself, then they get carried in the air due to the natural airflow in the room and the moment they touch your carpet they stuck in the piles. With time more and more get inside and due to the oxidation process the carpet is now sticky. No matter how often you hoover it these airborne soils will no longer go away. You may notice troubled breathing, or your asthma or allergy worsening. This is because these airborne soils contain allergens, animal fur, pollens, and bacteria pretty much anything we call dirt.  If you are breathing them all the time this is the reason for your breathing problems. There are only two things that could help with that:

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  1. High temperature – it kills any living bacteria or dust mites, even viruses such as the Norfolk virus which causes stomach flu.
  2. Suction – you need so much power to suck these soils out of the carpet that a hoover itself cannot do the job; industrial carpet cleaning machines are developed to do that.

The only service that could do these two is carpet steam cleaning. It is as good as sanitizing and a guarantee you will spot the difference straight away. If you do that at least twice a year you can be sure it will improve your life.

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