Dale Of Fade

Dale Of Fade : This Trendsetting Entrepreneur Has Officially Launched His Franchise “Fade Mansion”

Ndale O’Brien a.k.a Dale Of Fade is a different breed. He was a born hustler. Cutting hair has
been an essential part of his life for as long as he can remember. It was not easy. When he
started he had to create his own homemade set-up in his own basement, but with sheer talent
and drive he made a name for himself and did enough work to get out of that basement and into
his own shop. Becoming a well known brand for himself has opened up a ton of opportunities for
this young entrepreneur. During his entrepreneurial ventures he has had the opportunity to work
with Don Casanova, Hush Puppi, Dj Bliss and many other influential figures.
Having such high class clients has granted him the ability to travel to the most scenic areas in
the world. He has traveled to Costa Rica, Dubai, Paris, Trinidad and Tobago and many other
beautiful places in the world just to do what he loves. He has cut hair in front of the Eiffel
Towers, Jungle of Costa Rica, Times Square and much more….his list just keeps growing.
Although he is all about franchising his business he is focused on giving back to communities.
Philanthropy is just part of his personality. He wants to provide cuts for lower class areas in all
areas of the world. While seeing these inspiring places it has pushed him to do more for his
business. His first mission will be providing hair cuts for the homeless in India. Giving a simple
haircut goes so far for someone’s self esteem. He wants to make people feel good about
themselves. Self care is a great way to build someone’s confidence back up.

Dale Of Fade is pursuing franchising his shop and making it accessible to more individuals
around the world. His shop is amazing and guess what ! His first shop of his franchise is now
underway for the “Fade Mansion”.You can come in get your haircut and shop for the hottest
shoes and clothing right after. His idea of implementing his two passions of hair and fashion is
an amazing idea and will double his revenue and reach to different audiences. Dale Of Fade
has been taking over the Jersey area, but his expansion will have him known all across the
country. Not too long ago he was featured on “ The Sneaker Game” directed by Marcus Reyes
which is a reality tv show based on the culture of sneakers and fashion. Ndale states “I think the
aspects of life that someone striving to do what I do is… always remember that Travel broadens
the mind and unlocks new capabilities. interacting with people from around the world will teach
you to appreciate what else is out there other than how you grew up. you can never stop
learning.” Dale Of Fade has an amazing outlook on life and only wishes to better his brand and
see the world around him while doing so. With his goals in focus nothing can stop him

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