Connect Motorized Awnings, Pergolas And External Screens With Smart Sensors

Somfy motorized awnings, pergolas and external screens make any outdoor space a comfortable place to relax year-round. Easily connect them with a variety of smart sensors to automate and enhance your lifestyle. Motorized awnings can be controlled with Somfy myLink app, handheld universal remote control or wireless wall switch. You can also use voice control like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Easy To Operate

Control ERS motorized Awning, shutters and screens from anywhere with Somfy’s automatic shade motors and controls. Handheld universal remotes, wireless wall switches and the myLink app transform any device into a simple-to-use, customizable system for your shading preferences. Installed weather sensors, like the Soliris RTS sun and rain sensor, utilize advanced automated technology to retract your awnings or patio screens if they are exposed to high winds to protect them from damage.

Set schedules to lower your awning and adjust the slats of your pergola blinds at different times to make it easier to enjoy your outdoor living space. Reduce screen glare during family movie night, protect yourself from harmful UV rays, or simply extend your awning to create a comfortable shaded area in the summer heat. Awnings also help to decrease home energy consumption by reducing solar gain in warmer months and increase privacy at night. For maximum convenience, pair your ERS products with integrated patio heaters and lighting for complete smart home integration.

Easy To Maintain

Somfy’s motorized awnings, Shutter and screens are easy to clean and maintain. With just a wipe, they’ll keep their good looks for years to come. Somfy offers a variety of smart shading solutions that connect your blinds and shades with 3rd party smart home devices. They also integrate with Somfy’s own smart home platform, Somfy myLink. Set your motorized awnings, solar screens or rolling shutters to open and close on a schedule every day of the week or according to sunrise and sunset times. You can even save a favorite setting with Somfy’s “my” function.

Motorized awnings, solar screens and rolling shutters can be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery or hardwired to your home. You can even go completely maintenance-free with a DC power adapter and avoid ever having to replace or recharge batteries. Our dealer can help you decide which option is best for you. ERS’s sales professionals will visit your home to take exact measurements to ensure everything is custom-fitted for a perfect fit and maximum performance.

Easy To Clean

Motorized awnings, shutters and Pergola covers are a perfect addition to a well-designed outdoor living space. They offer protection from the sun, wind and rain and can be used all year round. They can even keep your home from heat loss or cold during the wintertime, while allowing you to take advantage of natural light.

With Somfy’s motorized systems you can easily control your ERS shading products with the myLink app, remotes, wall switches and voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa. The myLink app also allows you to set schedules that automatically extend or retract your awnings, shutters and pergola blinds. Somfy’s smart products can even protect your awnings and pergolas from weather damage by using built-in automatic weather sensors. Motorized window treatments are easy to clean and maintain compared to traditional Blinds. They can be gently vacuumed with a brush attachment, or they can be wiped down to remove dust and dirt build up.

Easy To Install

Motorized awnings and patio shades are great, but they become even better when you can control them with the touch of a button. That’s why Somfy designed their products to easily integrate with other automation systems in your home or business. Handheld universal remote controls and wireless wall switches are simple to use, and allow you to adjust ERS awnings, shutters and screens from multiple locations. You can even pair them with a smart device such as Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant or IFTTT to control your windows coverings using voice commands.

Somfy’s innovative solar sensors automatically retract and extend your awnings based on the sun and weather. They also detect obstacles and stop the motor if something is blocking the fabric from being properly stretched. Somfy’s solar sensors are also compatible with a Soliris RTS (Rain, Sun and Wind) sensor to prevent your shade from being damaged by rain and wind. This way, you can enjoy your patio cover without worrying about the weather conditions.


Somfy’s motorization technology makes hard to reach window treatments simple to control. You can also add sun and rain sensors that automatically retract or extend your awnings based on weather conditions. All Somfy motors are compatible with remote devices, wall switches, smartphone apps and even voice controls like Alexa and Google. Speak with a dealer to design the level of smart home management that fits your lifestyle.

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