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Live coral for sale at sunnyside corals includes a variety of different species. A coral is an animal that is found in the ocean and is comprised of colonies of tiny animals called polyps. These creatures are able to get energy from the symbiotic algae known as zooxanthellae that live in their bodies. These algae feed corals and help them grow. These corals are typically brightly colored, fast-growing, and hardy. They are best kept under moderate lighting but can tolerate high-lighting. You should acclimatize your new corals properly before placing them in the tank. Be sure to use protective gear and to wash your hands thoroughly before handling them.

Acropora Corals For Sale

When purchasing Acropora live coral, be sure to carefully inspect them to ensure they are in good health. The species is often prone to browning or bleaching if they don’t receive enough light. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long for the species to establish itself and start growing again. Acroporas are reef safe and do best when kept with other species of reef-safe corals. Acropora live coral for sale at the Sunnyside Corals website are grouped into several distinct types. These species are commonly known as dwarf angels and pygmy angels. Depending on their color, they are often grouped into groups of hundreds or thousands of polyps.

One way to care for brain coral is to provide it with a high quality aquarium. These corals require proper lighting and constant pH levels. They also require a stable environment. A healthy environment is essential for the longevity of your new acquisition. And don’t forget to feed your new pet! Aside from being beautiful, a brain coral is also very delicate and fragile. To protect it from diseases and other conditions, it must be handled with care. The scientists that work at Sunnyside Corals carefully handpick corals that have a high survival rate.  They travel in insulated bins and shaded tarps, and the water conditions in their nursery tanks are closely monitored. Keeping a coral population healthy is vital for genetic wealth, so they must be properly cared for.

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It’s also essential to monitor key parameters when maintaining a coral tank. One of the most important is the alkalinity of the water. Too much alkalinity can damage corals and make them less vibrant. Also, large swings in alkalinity can damage coral polyps and stunt their growth. Whether you’re looking to start a reef tank or want to add a tropical fish species to your collection, you’ll find a wide variety of corals for sale at sunnyside corals. These beautiful creatures are great for beginners and have beautiful colors that you can enjoy. Here at Sunnyside Corals, Live coral for sale is available all the time long.

Ricordea florida is a bright coral that has many colors. Its colorful polyps are made of different colors and are very easy to care for. They don’t require high-lighting but require the right amount of iodine and magnesium for optimal health. A frogspawn coral is called that because of its unique shape and color. These animals are very colorful, and branching and can form a wall. However, they can also be aggressive and sting other corals.

So it’s important to be careful when handling these creatures. Blasto Coral is easy to care for and a good choice for beginners. They do not require high water parameters, making them suitable for beginners. However, they are very sensitive to high levels of light, and when exposed to high levels, they will either balloon up or retract their polyps. They prefer medium-low flow environments and are prone to dying if their flow is too high.

However, these species can be kept with other animals, including fish. Each species has different levels of activity and temperament. A toadstool coral may annoy your fish. If you’re a beginner, a toadstool coral is probably not the best choice.

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Coral restoration efforts have also been made to protect these beautiful creatures from marine debris. While this effort has resulted in many dead corals, it has also helped restore many coral colonies that were killed by marine debris. If you’re planning to keep a mushroom coral in your reef tank, you should avoid keeping it with anemone fish or clownfish. Both kinds of corals can become heated or aggressive. Some hobbyists have successfully kept a mushroom coral in the same tank as a chalice coral, but it is not recommended. You’ll be risking the lives of the corals if you mix them.

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