Breaking the Cycle of Trauma: Carrie Drinkwine – A Success and Freedom Coach’s Journey to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Carrie Drinkwine, founder of the Wise Wellness Clinic and the Institute of Regenerative Health, is on a mission to empower people to break the cycle of trauma and restore their vitality. Her approach is rooted in the belief that wealth and vibrant health are frequencies that must be embodied to attract the life you desire.


After being diagnosed with three autoimmune diseases and ‘unexplained infertility,’ Carrie set out to heal her body naturally. Through years of trying different modalities, she discovered regenerative detoxification, which ultimately helped her reverse Hashimoto, fibromyalgia, early onset Lupus, and infertility.


Carrie’s success in restoring her health led her to open the Wise Wellness Clinic. The clinic offers a unique remedy to all acute conditions by dwelling deep into the patient’s health, leaving no stone unturned. However, this success also came with a high cost. She found herself working seven days a week, swamped with cases, and unable to make time for her family. She realized there simply needed to be more people trained in this field. Carrie needed to multiply supportive experts to find balance in her personal life. At the core of her transformative journey lies the cutting-edge practice of biohacking.


Biohacking is the ability to essentially hack into human biology and change it in real-time. This allows you to change the cellular behavior, the energy in the cells– and even shift the terrain. 


In her clinic, they utilize a multifaceted approach– incorporating various methods like redox signaling molecule activation, stem cell therapy, TimeWaver frequency analysis, and BTA (Bioenergetic Terrain Analysis). These advanced technologies provide precise insights into an individual’s cellular health, allowing for customized protocols and frequencies tailored to correct imbalances within the body.


That led Carrie to train and certify other regenerative health practitioners to build a thriving career and share expertise regarding regenerative health worldwide. It also became the foundation of the Institute of Regenerative Health, which offers one of the most comprehensive courses in the holistic health world to give people the tools they need to understand the root cause of illness and how to reverse it.


Carrie’s journey also led her to become a success and freedom coach, where she helps women uncover the blocks, traumas, patterns, and cellular beliefs that cause lack and stagnancy. Through her own struggles with exhaustion, emotional drain, and lack of time for her children, Carrie realized that her core belief around money was holding her back. She believed wealth only came with insane amounts of hard work and that you were undeserving if it was handed to you easily.


Through this realization, Carrie began the deprogramming process and embarked on a journey to overcome her limiting beliefs and reprogram her nervous system. Her journey led her to become a success and freedom coach, empowering other women to break the cycle of trauma, overcome their limiting beliefs, and attain radical wealth while staying in alignment with their deepest passions and gifts.

Carrie‘s approach to breaking the cycle of trauma is a testament to the transformative power of self-awareness and intentional action. Through her work at Wise Wellness Clinic, the Institute of Regenerative Health, and as a success and freedom coach, she has helped countless people restore their vitality and live their best lives.

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