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8 Dating Jewelry Styles That Will Dazzle Your Lover

Whether it’s just your first date or you’ve been together for quite a while now, it’s always nice to have the right jewelry to keep your partner on their toes.

So when it’s time to dress up for a change (maybe for a date or a nice chill day in the house), wearing the right jewelry like Melo Melo Pearls your personality and style is a must. But of course, taking in some small influences on what your partner would love to see on you is a great way to bring that wow factor.

That begs us the question, what jewelry styles should you wear that will make you and your partner feel good? Well, here are the eight fool-proof jewelry styles that are perfect for dates and all that couple-y moments:

  1. Clean, Simple Pieces

Wearing jewelry pieces that are clean-looking, simple, and pleasing to the eyes is probably your safest choice when it comes to picking a jewelry style. This is really important especially if this is just your first date with your partner or you’re still into that first impression stage.

Why do we think that this is the safest route? Well, as you know, jewelry is such an effective way to express yourself. It’s a perfect tool if you’re well-versed in jewelry styles and how it can come across to other people, but it can be a curse when you’re not that familiar with different styles and how it looks on you.

So you definitely don’t want to scare off or intimidate your date by wearing over-the-top jewelry. Keep it clean, simple, and sophisticated.

Some jewelry ideas can be sleek hoops for earrings, a simple tennis bracelet matched with a watch, or a nice medium-length pendant necklace.

  1. Colorful Jewelry Pieces

Guys love it when you show a different side of you every now and then. So if you’ve usually stuck to the basics of polished metals and minimalistic jewelry styles, a special date occasion might be the time for you to switch it up.

A great way to do this is to carefully pick some colorful wholesale jewelry pieces that will go great on your outfit. Be careful not to go overboard though! Some jewelry ideas can be beaded jewelry style, mosaic pieces, and the reliable gem-incorporated jewelry.

  1. Unique, Whimsical Jewelry Pieces

A date night is one of the perfect avenues for you to express yourself and keep your partner surprised by your different styles. A great way to stand out from the crowd is to wear unique, whimsical jewelry pieces.

These pieces can be anything that your mind can think of A bag necklace? Sure, why not. Earrings that fall until your shoulders? You go, girl. As long as you wear it as you mean it, these pieces will bring a whole new level of look to your style.

  1. Matching Jewelry Sets

You might think that this is a bit outdated but, a classic is always a classic. If you’re looking for jewelry pieces that will effortlessly look good together with any of your outfits, then getting matching jewelry sets is a great idea.

But always take note to not go too old-school. Pick jewelry sets that have a new and fresh take on matching jewelry. After all, the last thing that you want to do is to look too mature for your own age!

  1. Minimalist Jewelry

We’ve already mentioned clean and simple pieces as a great jewelry style especially when you’re building up a good impression for someone. Now, let’s talk about minimalism as a jewelry style.

More often than not, people equate “simple” jewelry with minimalist jewelry. While the essence is almost the same, the “simpleness” of jewelry depends on your personal taste rather than an absolute style. What’s simple for you might not be the case for other people.

So how do we bridge that gap?

Minimalist jewelry is perfect as “accent” accessories. They’re not there to catch the eye of your partner but rather, improve your overall look and style. While they might not be immediately drawn to your jewelry, they’ll see a cohesive outfit and accessories that will do wonders for your look. There are tons of minimalist jewelry styles such as simple round or square shape earrings in various colors, or simple geometric earrings that can fit well with your preferred outfits or dresses. These minimalist earrings can be comfortably accessed at wholesale earrings shops so do explore some minimalist styles to wear for the purpose of dazzling your date.

  1. Pearl Jewelry Pieces

In 2021, the pearl is definitely being reinvented. So it’s time to remove the notion that it’s an “old lady’s jewelry”.

Wearing contemporary pearl jewelry will definitely highlight your stronger personalities like your confidence and self-awareness without a dated look. The right guys will 100% love women who are very much self-established. Confidence is the new !

  1. Personalized Jewelry Pieces

Your jewelry is a great avenue to express yourself so you should definitely learn how to take advantage of it!

Keep your partner intrigued with you by wearing jewelry pieces that are personalized and sentimental to you. Not only that it will look good, but it’s also a good conversation topic. It can go from light topics like your favorite travel places or to deeper, life-questioning ones.

Jewelry charms are one of the best ways for you to personalize your jewelry pieces. You can pick out your own jewelry charms that hold meaning or even make your own. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Place-Appropriate Jewelry

This style is a bit different from the rest ones. It’s not essentially a style, per se. Rather; it’s more of a rule when it comes to picking jewelry on date-related events.

For us, the best jewelry pieces to wear on date nights or basically anywhere with your partner are the pieces that go best with the activity or place that you and your partner will go to. It’s no use if you’re wearing the most alluring jewelry piece ever created but it just goes in the way of everything up to the point that it will no longer make you and your partner comfortable.

So our last tip is to take it easy and not try too hard! The right partner will already be dazzled with you regardless of your jewelry. What you wear to increase that is just a plus!

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