Best Personal Safety Apps

You must have been in a situation at one time or another, when you’re walking alone in the street at night, and thinking that something bad is going to happen. And there’s a high possibility of something bad’ happening in this case. Again, you might be on a blind date, and find that the guy you’re sitting with is creepy. Or, you can be a social event where you are not feeling comfortable at all. Whichever is the situation, it’s better to be prepared in advance. Personal safety apps can help you with this.


Personal safety is no laughing matter, and all of us can fall victim to harassment or sexual violence. It can happen to women, children, and men too. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 44% of women reported experiencing sexual violence in their life. So, it is a big issue and it can happen to anyone. Thankfully, this era of technology will help to keep you safe.



Common Emergencies


All of the apps on this list of the best fake id sites. But each of them expertise in a specific emergency. So, your apps should be downloaded based on the emergency situation you are in, or are going to encounter. The most common type of emergencies are-



Street Harassment

Street harassment is the most common type of harassment. Almost every women who have been on the street have faced at least one harassment in their life. It can happen in citis, subways, villages, rural areas, and even on your own block.


Parties and Social Gatherings

Danger doesn’t always come from unfamiliar circumstances. It can come from your own boss too. According to law enforcement, 93% of the victims knew the perpetrators. Most of them are acquaintances, a large number of them are family members. That is why parties and social events are, unfortunately, unsafe too.


Medical Emergencies

A medical emergency can be needed by anyone at any time. You might be injured, or you might have a pre-existing medical condition. There won’t be help around you all the time. That is why it is better to download a personal safety app that is specifically designed for these types of emergencies.



Personal Safety for Kids

Your kids might be in danger at any time. It can be school bullying, or sexual harassment from an adult, or street harassment. They might not know how to react in these types of situations. That is why they should be monitored, and you can monitor them using personal safety apps.


Natural Disasters

Emergency situation are not always manmade. It can be natural too. Fortunately, there is a safety app made just for this situation. It can help you to connect to emergency contacts, and share your emergency situation on your social media channels.


Here, we present you some of the best personal safety apps:




  1. bSafe


  • Live ‘Follow Me’ feature
  • Voice activation
  • Automatic recording
  • Live streaming feature
  • Fake calls



The app bSafe is best for lone walks or social get-togethers. It is the best personal safety app. It has a feature named ‘follow me’ which is great for parents. Also, it has voice activation tools, automatic recordings, and even a live streaming feature. Like all other personal safety applications, it has an SOS button that will share your current location with your guardians.


In the premium version, you will get two levels of security – Risk Mode, and Timer Mode. Risk Mode will track your current location, and Timer Mode will automatically alert your guardians. Plus, it can create fake voice calls that can be used as an excuse to avoid someone or leave an uncomfortable situation.



  1. Circle of 6


  • Send out distress text message by simply tapping the phone
  • Fake interruption feature
  • Pre-programmed national hotline numbers



Circle of 6 is a free safety app that was designed especially for college and high school students. This app is very easy to use and can help you escape a bad situation by allocating 6 of your chosen friends. All you have to do is just tap the phone twice, and the app will send out 3 preset text messages to your friends. It will also share your current location with them so they can find you. You can rapidly call these friends when you’re in danger or need some help. Another great feature of this app is it can plan a fake interruption in the form of a voice call in case you’re trying to avoid someone.


Circle of 6 has pre-programmed national hotline numbers as well as a local number. You can customize this number for campus security, police, or 911. This app is mainly designed to prevent any type of domestic or sexual violence. If you ever wind up in a hazardous or uncomfortable situation, you can receive help from your closest friends, police, or other officials using this app.



  1. Kitestring


  • Don’t have to download an app
  • No need to have a smartphone
  • Sends safety messages during an emergency
  • Sends messages to emergency contacts in case of delayed response


Kitestring is one of the best personal safety apps for women. You don’t need to download this app because it is more of a text-messaging application than an app. It is the best app when the user is out.


Kitestring works based on inaction. You just have to tell the application that you’re going to a dangerous spot or circumstances and set a time period of when it has to check in with you. This app will send you a simple text message, and if you don’t respond, it will automatically send a personalized alert to all emergency contacts. It is an awesome feature as it is not possible for the victim to do anything in most cases of emergency.



  1. Watch Over Me


  • Record video by simply shaking the phone
  • Send emergency messages
  • Automated action



Watch Over Me is another one of the best personal safety apps that can be used in a potential emergency. You just have to turn on the app and set a timer in case of danger, and the app will take care of you.


During this time your GPS will be tracked and if you don’t respond after the timer is up, an alert will be sent out to your emergency contacts with your current location. Again, in case of an emergency, you can shake your phone to trigger an emergency alert. This will set off an alarm and turn on your camera and start video recording. Plus, this app lets you know if you’ve entered a high crime rate area.



  1. First Aid: American Red Cross


  • Can access first-aid tutorials and other safety measures even without wifi
  • Can directly contact EMS



First Aid: American Red Cross is the best app for hikers, road trippers, and those who have pre-existing medical conditions. This app is designed for medical emergencies. It has a feature that allows you to watch tons of first-aid tutorials, and safety information without a wifi connection. You can also contact EMS directly through the app.




  1. Silent Beacon


  • Send out distress message with the current location
  • Program family, friends, or 911 as emergency contacts


Silent Beacon allows you to personalize emergency contacts and alert them by simply tapping your phone’s screen. You can change your emergency contacts from friends to family or police based on your place and situation. This app will send a distress message as well as your current location to your contacts so that they can respond quickly to the emergency situation.



  1. React Mobile


  • Pre-program your emergency contacts
  • Send SOS text messages to your contacts
  • Share your location
  • Request help even without access to the phone
  • Streaming on social media



React Mobile is different from other safety apps as it can send SOS messages without the phone. There might be a situation when you are not holding your phone, or your phone is locked. In this case, this app works like a magic. It has a wearable keyring that pairs with an app via Bluetooth. If your phone is out of reach, you can hit the button on the device which will immediately alert your contacts.



  1. Hollaback!


  • Submit photographs of harassers to a prevention site
  • Local authorities will take action against the harassment



Hollaback is an app that allows you to capture and upload a photo of your potential harasser and submit the story on It will record the story and map it and then share it publicly on a street harassment prevention website.


You can report grabbing, glimmering, ambush, and gender-based violence. They give a free guide to learn how to prevent and intervene when you see harassment. This app is best for preventing street harassment or any kind of bullying, staring, and catcalling. Their development is advocated for in 54 cities in 19 countries.



  1. Red Panic Button


  • Fast and easy way to send an emergency alert
  • Made for natural emergencies


We don’t need safety only in case of harassment or attacks but in case of natural disasters too. Natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters can make your life difficult. Red Panic Button will allow you to send emergency text messages as well as connect to your social media channels, including Fb, Twitter, and Email. That is why this app is best for those who use social media.



  1. Safetrek


  • Contacts to local cops
  • Safeguard feature


Safetrek application is a straightforward emergency app that allows you to contact a local cop when you are in a risky circumstance. You just have to hit the button in the middle of the screen. Luckily, it has a safeguard too. Once you’re safe, you have to enter a 4 digit pin number, otherwise, the police will be notified automatically. You can also send the call for helo without being obvious about it.



Safety should always be our first priority. Nowadays, we have to go outside a lot. And this increases the chance for us to be harassed. Whether you are an adult, or college student, or kid, lone commuter, night-walker, man, woman – no situation is 100% safe for you. That is why it is better to be prepared and download a personal safety app on your mobile. This is worth the cell phone space.


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