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Best Online Jobs That Pay $15/hr or More To Try in 2022

In states lacking a $15 minimum wage law, the earned income tax credit costs federal and state taxpayers more than $107 billion annually. 


The money is used to support initiatives that help low-wage workers and their families.


Millions of workers would benefit from an increase in the minimum wage to $15 per hour, which would also make the economy more equitable, spur growth, and lessen the suffering of unending poverty. 


It’s critical to make at least $15 per hour because it gives you more purchasing power and a decent wage, especially if you’re leaving a low-paying job.


Additionally, it implies that you will be able to pay for needs like wholesome food, medical insurance, and child care.


 It also helps full-time workers maintain their standard of living above the federal poverty level.


Jobs that pay $15 per hour

Fortunately, there are many jobs out there that pay $15 an hour and call for little to no special qualifications.


In addition to accepting payments and providing receipts, cashiers often wrap gifts and oversee all card and cash transactions. Cashier jobs pay $15 per hour


You must be knowledgeable about how cash registers operate and have some prior experience working in customer service.


Jobs as a home health aide

Home health aides help people who are unable to take care of themselves or perform daily tasks including cooking, cleaning, dressing, and bathing.


Job duties for administrative assistants include managing files, creating messages, setting up appointments, assisting other team members, and providing customer service, among other things.


Construction Personnel

A construction worker or day laborer is in charge of setting up scaffolding, hauling building supplies, or using large machinery to pour concrete and destroy structures.


Which businesses provide positions paying $15 per hour?

Over the previous ten years, the federal minimum hourly wage has been fixed at $7.25. 


However, a few significant businesses have decided to increase the wages of their lowest-paid employees to $15 per hour or higher. They consist of the following:


One of the top health insurers in the country, Aetna, was the first to announce that all employees will receive a $15 hourly wage.


 Beginning in April 2015, Aetna upped the minimum pay for all employees once again, to $16.


Employees had an average wage boost of 11%, and some saw increases as high as 33%.




The grocery retailer known for its low costs, Aldi, has employment opportunities earning $15 per hour. Additionally, warehouse jobs are available with a beginning pay of $19 per hour.




In 2018, Amazon increased the minimum wage for all full-time, part-time, temporary, and seasonal employees in the United States from $7.25 to $15 per hour.


Additionally, employees have access to compensated life and disability insurance as well as medical, dental, and vision benefits.


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American Bank


In keeping with its promise to deliver a minimum starting wage of $25 by 2025, Bank of America recently increased its minimum wage considerably from $18 to $21.


This is an increase since 2010 of $13 per hour, according to Bank of America.


Buy best


The electronics shop raised its minimum starting wage to $15 in august 2020. The typical Best Buy employee currently makes $17.67 per hour.


Millennial Parks


Beginning in June 2021, the minimum wage for the California, Florida, and New Jersey facilities of the boomer’s Park amusement park franchise will increase to $15 per hour.


These serve as online job boards, advertising thousands of openings for positions paying $15 per hour. 


Every few days, look through the new job listings; you’ll find one that you’ll like and that pays a respectable hourly wage.

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