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Reasons for Increasing Demand for Staff Augmentation Services


Staff augmentation denotes a hybrid outsourcing cum collaboration model where the companies can hire the employees from a staff augmentation outsourcing company on a temporary basis. The companies taking up the staff augmentation services might need the specific skillset for an extended period of time or for a project.

A lot of people get the terms of outsourcing and augmentation wrong. While outsourcing means completely outsourcing a few aspects of the project or the project in full to an external resource, augmenting is simply hiring additional experts for the in-house team for a brief period of time.

Why is staff augmentation important?

With the increasing demand in the market for quality delivery of products and services within a tight deadline, companies are going for staff augmentation services. Previously, the companies would hire for a particular object on a permanent basis, but once the project is completed, there might be a challenge in the allotment of the project. The hiring company might not have a long term business need for complete outsourcing of the employees with a said skillset.

When they try to retain the employee, their CTA will be an extra financial strain on the company. However, when the same company opts for staff augmentation services, they can hire the employees on a contract or temporary basis from the outsourcing agency and cash in on the extra capital investment spent on human resources.

Major reasons why staff augmentation services are in demand:

Post pandemic, all companies from top MNC to small start-ups, have understood the need for diversification of their projects instead of taking similar projects. This might require much expertise in hiring on a project basis or short term basis. Staff augmentation services come into play, wherein the companies can hire the workforce with the said skillset on a contract basis ( until the company’s business needs prevail) or for an extended time period.

Some major reasons why staff augmentation services are in demand are-

  1. Hire as per your need:

Companies can hire the workforce according to their business needs whenever they require it. This will help them reduce the cost spent on their salaries and allowances.

  1. Cuts down on delay:

The whole process of hiring the right candidate for the long term will be a complicated process and might cause delays. If you are a company looking for immediate hire of a certain project-based workforce, a company like 10 bits who are one of the leading Staff augmentations company in USA will help find the right team of the workforce for your project. They will ensure to match your business needs with their best picks within a shorter span of time.

  1. Access to a larger talent pool:

Staff augmentation services will help you access a larger talent pool of people rather than hiring from the same circle. The companies can explore a wider range of talent by opting for staff augmentation services.

  1. Quick scaling of the company:

While hiring on a contract basis, the company will see more profit from the project and less money spent on resources. As a result, the companies will be able to achieve their goals faster and in a much more stable manner.

  1. Easy diversification and retaining control over the internal process:

In the Staff augmentations services, unlike the outsourcing, you don’t have to worry about the uniform management requirement that needs to be met. The outsourcing company will ensure the management requirements be met by the new team. So, the company can control the diversification with ease.


Staff augmentation services for IT companies help cut down on the major cost spent upfront for human resources. Hiring a company like 10 bits, the leading staff augmentation company in usa for your business needs will help scale your company faster with the extended workforce.

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