Ali-Metin Olgun

Ali-Metin Olgun Is The Best Germane Entrepreneur Having Passion For Fitness

Ali is known as the fitness entrepreneur, who founded Ali-Metin Olgun Fitness. He used to be an IT consultant in Germany and he suffered from a severe knee injury. After a long rehab, he finally made up his mind to become a full-time fitness coach and trainer. Ali is the founder of Ali-Metin Olgun Fitness, where he trains both body and soul. Ali-Metin Olgun is a German entrepreneur who is passionate about fitness and has dedicated his life to spreading the message of health.


Ali-Metin Olgun’s story begins in Latvia with his family and they were all strict believers in hard work. He was born in Riga, the capital of Latvia, but due to political instability at the time, he traveled often between countries. He then moved to Berlin where he started his career as a fitness instructor. He inspired many people with his passion for fitness and became a certified personal trainer at 24 years old which motivated him to become a professional coach. Ali-Metin Olgun shares his experiences and insights during this time through fascinating blog posts that encourage other athletes and people around the world who are looking for motivation on their hope.


Ali-Metin Olgun is a German entrepreneur with a passion for fitness. He has been involved in the industry of bodybuilding since 1999. He is the founder and CEO of Active Lifestyle Co., an international premium lifestyle and sports Performance Company. As a German entrepreneur who is passionate about fitness, Ali-Metin Olgun, has accomplished much in his career as well as personal life. For instance, he was voted Best Bodybuilder’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the International World Fitness Summit in Japan due to his contribution to the health and fitness industry in Europe.


On the other hand, he made it to CNN’s list of 13 people to watch in the year 2018 for his achievements with Active Lifestyle Co. Additionally, Ali-Metin Olgun was recently seen on Brad Kelly. Ali-Metin Olgun passion for fitness started at a young age. He would be the first person in line to go to the gym, working his way up from simple fitness programs and bodyweight exercises. It was his dedication that allowed him to compete in several fitness competitions before he turned 18. When Ali-Metin Olgun decided to start his own company, he came up with the idea of creating a gym just for children and teens. His mission became known as “Gymnastic Kids.” With Gymnastic Kids, Ali-Metin Olgun used his knowledge of gymnastics as well as other forms of exercise to create a unique way of getting kids into exercise while also having fun!


Ali-Metin Olgun is a German entrepreneur with a passion for fitness and health. He had the idea to create his own fitness studio back in 2013, and now he’s one of the most famous personal trainers in Germany. Ali-Metin Olgun’s very first trainer was a robot that could analyze the indoor climate, heat up on command, or cool down. Now he has an army of artificial intelligence-driven trainers that assist him during his workout session. Ali-Metin is also the founder and chairman of Fitbots, which is redefining how people work out at home.


Ali-Metin Olgun is a German entrepreneur who started off from hospitality to becoming an entrepreneur in different fields such as hospitality, banking, real estate or even being a coach. Ali-Metin Olgun’s interest in fitness was sparked after he saw the positive influence it had on his clientele at AKTIO Worldwide. One of Ali-Metin’s passion projects was creating his own gym called The Power House Gym. This gym has gained recognition all over the world for its Turkish design and unconventionality.

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