Adstocall: The Extreme Revenue Generator

Configuring caller melodies for various audio adverts allows users of the revenue-generating website Adstocall to generate money. The marketers on Adstocall run audio campaigns to grow their companies. A network of several service providers places the audio. The term “providers” includes telecom firms. There is the potential for service providers to profit. Every day, billions of calls are placed across the world, and the number is growing. Adstocall provides the opportunity to leverage phone calls as a marketing platform and to make some headway in this $1 billion industry. Join the new marketing age as an operator.

How Adstocall can generate revenue?

Advertisers run audio adverts across various service providers’ platforms, which is how service providers make money. The campaigns are being funded by them. The audios are being set as caller tunes by users, who are being paid for each incoming call. We are aware that calls are handled by multiple providers’ telecom networks. As a result, service providers are making billions of dollars with Adstocall. Each call handled through a provider’s network generates revenue for both the provider and the consumers. Typically, calls made and received, mobile internet, SMS, offers, and bundles are how service providers make money. Through audio adverts, Adstocall has created a special chance to boost earnings and call to earn.

For service providers, a digital billboard

Every month, millions of people visit the Adstocall website. They look through the whole website and discover Adstocall. Here, you have a fantastic chance to advertise your company on digital billboards. The providers often take part in TV, print, and social media marketing. Adstocall invites you to take part in a marketing campaign using digital billboards to increase brand recognition among millions of unique visitors.

Users’ Contribution Will Help You Make Money

Globally, many people use Adstocall. As their caller song, they use audio advertising. You will get compensated for each incoming call. In this scenario, users are crucial to your ability to boost sales. Your subscribers receive 5 cents for each call. The Adstocall authority then divides the money that has been taken from the advertiser between you and the users. Users disseminate the audio adverts in exchange for payment via incoming calls, and your network system brings in money for you. As a result, this revenue-generating platform benefits both users and operators.

Easy-to-use provider panel

Adstocall designed a user-friendly interface for its operators. The browsing process is so essential that anyone may utilize it. In the dashboard interface, you can see the total income, total calls, and digital billboard statistics. Graphs and charts can be used to get a broad picture. In the provider panel, you receive reports for all calls and passive income earner.

Simple Payment Process For Operators

The payment process for Adstocall is quite open and transparent. A short overview of your transactions is available. Payment choices for Adstocall include credit card, PayPal, and bank account. So you don’t need to carry cash and can just get paid. You must provide a payment method when you register with Adstocall. From your payment settings, you may add and modify the payment method. You can select a priority payment method if you have a lot of stored payment methods in your panel.

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