Abogados de Accidentes: 7 Questions to Ask Your Car Accident Lawyer

Car accident attorneys are always willing to address any concerns you have after an accident. You’ll have numerous questions you’re eager to ask, but some are more important than others. Asking the questions below is vital after a car accident, whether you need to ask in English or require experienced abogados de accidentes que hablan español.

Abogados de Accidentes: 7 Questions to Ask Your Car Accident Lawyer

1. Will You Be Handling My Case Specifically?

Many people spend a long time picking a firm, looking into the attorneys within it, then vetting the attorney they consult with. However, sometimes the attorney who’s assigned your case isn’t always the one you’ve spent time getting to know during your consultations. Always ask if the attorney you’re dealing with is the one specifically working on your case. If they’re not, then ask to take a meeting with the attorney who is so you can get comfortable with them.

Knowing the various attorneys who could work on your case within a firm is beneficial. Check out this site to get in touch with bilingual attorneys who could take on your case. Be sure to take a look at the settlements the firm has won for many car and trucking accident victims.

 2. Do You Think My Case Is Strong?

Stronger cases have a higher chance of winning settlements that will cover all of the damages sustained in the accident. It’s best to find out if your case is strong up front, as you’ve likely already received a settlement offer from the liable driver’s insurance company. If you haven’t yet, then you will very soon, and you should let your attorney evaluate it.

If your case is strong, then your attorney may advise you to let them investigate further and calculate a sum that more accurately covers your damages. From there, your attorney can start negotiating with the insurance company to get you a higher settlement. If your case isn’t strong, then they may advise you to accept the offer the insurance company has already made.

3. How Do You Charge?

Different attorneys charge in different ways, though many car accident lawyers charge a contingency fee. This means they won’t charge you anything unless you win a settlement. They then take their pay as a percentage of your settlement. If this is how your attorney charges, then you should also ask what percentage they take so you can figure out how much compensation you’re likely going to get once you factor in these legal fees.

However, you won’t always lose out on part of your settlement by giving it to your attorney as their payment. Sometimes the liable driver’s insurance company can be asked to pay your attorney’s fees on top of the rest of your settlement.

4. How Long Do You Think My Case Will Take to Settle?

An attorney can’t say for sure how long your case will take to settle. However, an experienced attorney should be able to give you an estimate based on cases like yours that they’ve worked on in the past. Knowing how long it could take your case to settle will give you reasonable expectations going forward.

5. What Kind of Expenses Will I Pay?

Attorneys working on a contingency fee basis may expect you to settle certain fees and pay for certain documents to be filed throughout your case. It’s best to know what you’ll be expected to pay upfront so you can come up with a plan to get your finances ready to cover these costs.

6. What Kind of Damages Do You Think I Could Win?

Car accident settlements should at the very least cover your economic damages, such as property damage, medical expenses, and time off work. However, there are also various types of non-economic damages you could be entitled to. Talk your situation through with your attorney to find out what kind of damages may apply to your case.

Some people may just be entitled to compensation for their physical and emotional suffering. Others, especially those left with long-term disabilities or ailments, can be entitled to compensation for many other kinds of non-economic damages.

7. How Can I Help You Strengthen My Case?

Your attorney can’t do all the work alone. They may need you to help out by making appearances at certain meetings, undergoing a medical assessment so another practitioner can weigh in on your injuries, and more. Showing that you’re willing and able to help your attorney build a strong case will show how committed you are to winning fair compensation. It will also, of course, increase your chances of success if you do everything you can to help.

Knowing what to ask your attorney will make the entire process of filing a lawsuit after a car accident easier for you. Get all the necessary information upfront so you can proceed with more confidence and knowledge.

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