10 Ways to Gain More Instagram Followers in 2023

I’ll teach you a number of tips and techniques in this awesome article on how to gain more Instagram followers without spending any money.

All of the techniques you’ll see have been tried and true. You might find yourself with thousands of new, genuine followers who are interested in your profile within a few weeks.

Why boost Instagram followers?

Diverse people have different motivations for using social media; some just want to be well-liked; others use it for marketing and business promotion; still others use it solely for employment and financial gain. Stop wasting time and let’s get to the point. No matter what your goal is, the tactics I’ll show you later will be very helpful.


Gain more Instagram followers with these 10 tips and tricks

You can find the most effective Goread ways to increase Instagram followers on this list.

Starting with the most accessible and cost-free options, we’ll get to the lesser-known yet incredibly potent ones. I suggest you pay close attention to every detail if your goal is to gain significant popularity on this social media platform.

  1. Unique posts and eye-catching filters

Although to you this method may seem obvious, it is crucial for Instagram success.

Always keep in mind that the objective isn’t only to gain followers; it’s also to make sure that they stay engaged with you over time. If not, all your effort will have been for nothing, and many people will quickly quit following you.

In order to create the infamous “wow effect” or that amazing reaction when you see a snapshot you weren’t expecting, always attempt to provide high-quality content that can really pique the user’s interest.

The filter plays a part in this procedure as well. Avoid applying random filters; instead, pick one that brings out the subject or enhances the photo’s colors. Remain focused on your objective of getting other users’ attention.

Never forget that this is the successful strategy used by professionals on social media sites like Instagram.

  1. Follows, Likes, and Comments

Instagram is all about interactions. Others experience things in the same way that you do.

For this reason, don’t be egotistical and engage with other users by liking or commenting on their photographs. This will make them happy, especially those who have few followers who are typically more likely to do the same.

By connecting Goread.io with other people, you can almost certainly expect some of them to follow you or like you back.

In other words, try to participate on the platform; you’ll be amazed at the advantages you’ll have.

  1. Use well-known hashtags

Among the tried-and-true tactics, utilizing hashtags correctly is undoubtedly one of the more effective ones.

Your likes will soar if you use some hashtags that are extremely popular and are pertinent to your shot. Visit Top Hashtags or utilize Top Tags: Goread.io is an app that lets you automatically load a list of hashtags based on the kind of photo shared, to find out which hashtags are the most popular.

  1. Post at the appropriate times.

Not everyone is aware that posting at specific times greatly enhances interaction.

Pick the appropriate times, which are typically after 5 o’clock in the afternoon (particularly on Mondays) and on Sundays.

Furthermore, posting every three and a half hours considerably boosts the organic reach of any individual post, according to statistical evidence.

You may plan your profile to publish something in the morning, after lunch, after 5, and finally in the evening, for instance, but you could very easily simply post once or twice. Instead of feeling pressured to post frequently, aim to maintain the consistently excellent quality of your profile.

The idea is to space out posts so that people can see them. Always wait at least four hours between postings.

In order to further improve the caliber and effectiveness of your profile, I suggest that you never post more than three photographs each day and that you always provide an intriguing caption with each one.

  1. Keep your bio

Don’t ignore your profile’s biography; it will offer you a sense of identity and make it appear professional to users.

Give a two-line summary of who you are and what you do. Include one or two emoticons if you think it will help to draw attention.

The option to provide a link is another crucial component of the bio.

You can advertise your website, business, other social profiles, or anything else with the use of this function.

Since Instagram only enables you to add one link, you can use Goread.io, a popular site, to create a link that will lead you to a new page with all of them present if you have more than one link to promote. the different links.

  1. Make your profile distinct.

This idea is crucial.

Treat your profile as though it were a legitimate business if you’re going to take it seriously and consider the long term.

Nobody will be interested in what you’re doing in real time unless you’re already famous, so you don’t have the luxury of posting random pictures of yourself doing your daily activities.

then decide on a topic and post primarily articles related to it. For instance, if you want to try to break into the travel industry, upload primarily eye-catching images from around the globe; if you want to establish yourself as a fashion model, share images of you wearing various outfits that look well on you; and so forth.

Use the same filter consistently so that it almost perfectly captures your style to give the profile more identity.

Naturally, don’t overlook the highlighted stories either; all of these particulars contribute to the profile’s professionalism and interest. Users are more inclined to follow curated and original accounts, I promise.

  1. Geotag your posts

Geolocation is frequently a very effective tool.

It’s important to get to the location where the picture or narrative was made.

The power of geolocation is quite comparable to that of hashtags, with the exception that there are less of them and thousands of individuals are connected to them because they may live there, be there at that very moment, or have had a special experience there.

Whatever their motivation, when they conduct a location search, these individuals will almost certainly find your article.

  1. Make the most of Reels, or any other type of short video, are quickly emerging as the new format par excellence.

Reels are unusual in that anyone may watch them, not just your followers.

According to the algorithm, a reel is shown to new users more frequently the more attention it receives and viewers it receives.

In summary, a successful reel that garners attention has a good chance of being seen by thousands of users, many of whom might decide to follow you.

  1. Acquire fans from influencers

Let’s assume that this is a development of tactic number 2.

The key is that if we connect with the users of the Influencers who inspire us, everything becomes much more exciting. I’ve already stressed the importance of interacting with other users.

If the influencer in question is consistent with what you do or represent, users who follow and comment on their various posts are typically more likely to follow fascinating people and are also in line with your interests.

Because of this, you can get the attention of these users’ followers by talking with them in the comments and possibly by following them.

  1. Advertised Posts

Without going into detail, I open a brief parenthesis to discuss sponsored posts because doing so would make the conversation too lengthy.

You are aware that you may advertise any paid post on Instagram to ensure that it is seen by everyone who could be interested.

This is a quick and effective way to gain more likes and followers. Here is what I would suggest:

Promote a post for a few days if it has already attracted interest from your contacts and you find it to be truly engaging; it will undoubtedly be popular even outside of your profile.

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