10 Small Home Upgrades That Make a Big Impact

A full-on renovation is not quite necessary when it comes to home improvement. Small home upgrades as simple as adding LED bulbs or decluttering your room and putting away used items in rented storage in North York, can make a huge impact on the value of your home. 

In this post, let us explore some of the high-impact small home improvement projects without blowing your budget. 

  • Update Old Cabinet Hardware and Doors

Remodelling your kitchen can be a bit expensive and not all can afford it. However, you can give your kitchen an uplift without breaking the bank. It can be as simple as swapping your old hardware and cabinet doors with Shaker-style doors. This simple kitchen improvement project can potentially boost a 2% sale premium. 

  • Add LED Bulbs

Updating your dated light fixtures with modern ones can easily transform your living space. Adding LED bulbs benefits at least 75% less power than incandescent bulbs and can last up to 25 times longer. If you are planning to put your property on the market, it can make a great selling point to a potential buyer who is looking to make a smart investment. Additionally, an entire house of LED bulbs can boost an additional 1.9% value to your home’s selling price. 

  • Fresh Coat of Paint

Giving your home a fresh coat of paint is perhaps one of the most cost-efficient and instantly recognizable improvements you can make for your home. With the right paint colour, you can make a small room look spacious, brighten up a dark room, or simply give your room a new look. If you prefer doing it yourself, be sure to research the techniques to make the most of your paint job. 

  • Add Outdoor Lighting

Backyards are becoming more essential than ever, especially for people with remote work settings and for hosting socially distant gatherings. That is why the demand for well-lit outdoor space has spiked up, too. Adding an outdoor lighting system, such as landscape lighting from Oakville experts, path lighting, or deck lighting, helps increase your home selling value by 1.6%. 

  • Add Crown Moulding and Architectural Details

Adding architectural details, such as crown moulding, ceiling medallions, and picture frame moulding can add character and grandeur to your home, making a huge impact on potential buyers. Real estate agents claim that mentioning crown moulding in your listing description can help boost your home’s market value by 0.1%. 

  • Update Your Front Door

Refinished or new replacement, the decision is up to you. Your front door is perhaps one of the first things people notice before entering your home. Although you can choose to splurge on a high-end decorative front door, there are plenty of beautiful, affordable doors you can find on the market. Refinishing your old door can also make a huge difference in increasing curb appeal and making a good first impression on your guests. 

  • Recaulk Your Bathroom

Dingy, mouldy lines in your tub and shower can be difficult to clean. Luckily, you do not need to scrub them clean for hours. Instead, make your bathroom look squeaky clean by replacing the caulking. 

  • Upgrade Your Power Outlets

Perhaps, we all have experienced it—with your phone almost running out of battery, and you cannot find your charger base anywhere. To resolve this common problem, consider updating your wall outlets with a USB port built right in. 

  • Paint an Accent Wall

A large-scale painting project is not only time-consuming but also expensive. Instead of painting the entire house, why not pick a certain wall in a room and paint it with a splash of colour? You can even make it stand out with a beautiful, modern console table from a Toronto furniture store. 

  • Upgrade Your Shower Head

We all enjoy a long, relaxing hot shower after a long day’s work. Consider replacing your dated bathroom fixture, with the help of a plumber in Caledon, with a modern shower head that features a combination of rain shower head and a detachable handheld unit to make your tub time more enjoyable. 


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