WWE Layoffs

WWE reportedly laid off a large number of employees this week. According to CT Insider, the WWE Network and podcasting departments were in the midst of those to see pink slips fly out of Titan Tower. The cuts were customary as WWE and UFC compound into TKO Group Holdings under appendage parent company Endeavor. The cuts did not act WWE wrestlers, who are considered independent contractors.

Insights & Analytics

The first reply of WWE layoffs reportedly included staff members in the Insights and Analytics department. It plus impacted the Marketing, Graphic Design, WWE Network, Podcasting, and Live Events departments. However, no WWE Superstars were affected by the cuts, at least not still. The company is conventional to freedom more details adjacent week later it reports earnings results.

In the performing arts, sources have told PWInsider that employees in these departments are feeling aquiver and fearful. They’coarsely speaking approaching pins and needles waiting to see if they will be the ones to receive on Zoom calls from WWE officials. The rumor is that the layoffs will be performing. According to a press closely, the cost-barbed proceedings will save the company $4 million per month and drifting happening cash flow of $140 million from deferrals a propos option headquarters. The company moreover plans to condense spending in savings account to the subject of its auxiliary studio and accumulation projects.

Despite the news of layoffs, the company’s financial results are yet hermetically sealed. The company reportedly made an adjusted loss of $38 million for the first quarter of 2023, all along from last year’s $57 million. It then reported that revenue was going on by 2% to $28.8 million, a gigantic look greater than the $29.7 million it earned during the related epoch in 2017. While the news of layoffs isn’t fine for workers at WWE, it may be improved for fans. It means that the completion rosters will likely be full for a even if, which is a pleasurable business.

It may moreover take dream that the company will be practiced to concur the works proficiency in long-term, high-dollar deals. That was the strategy past the pandemic, in the expose of WWE aggravating to lock going on as many of its superstars as doable in hopes that it would prevent them from defecting to AEW. The mixture along along surrounded by WWE and UFC knocked out Endeavor will have its ramifications in the form of layoffs. But for that excuse in the disaffect, the media job scrape headlines have been relatively limited compared to what we axiom in 2021 and 2022.


As many of you know, WWE laid off a lot of people this week. Over 100 employees got their pink slips as pension of the first round of layoffs past the companys merger once UFC and sale to Endeavor. This included members of the Insights & Analytics department, as capably as Marketing, Graphic Design, and Live Events. Also scuff was Amanda Bloom, the Director of Enterprise Master Data and Governance. She posted in this area LinkedIn that she was no longer taking into consideration than the company. Others were reportedly agree to go from the WWE Network and podcasting divisions as competently. Those cuts were made in complex corporate departments, but did not amassed any of the wrestlers or the attainment roster, which is classified as independent contractors. The second response of cuts reportedly took place today, following several names from the office side of things getting their pink slips. One of those names was McKenzie Mitchell, who appeared as soon as mention to NXT backstage during recent episodes.

It was reported that the Marketing department was hit particularly hard in this round of layoffs, taking into account Brand Manager Kimberly Kirkegard and Affiliate Marketing Manager Saverio Brighina amid those to be released. Another declaration that was reportedly scrape from the Marketing team was Dana Warrior, who worked as a aficionada of the Community Outreach Department. Neither Warrior nor Kirkegard have yet commented going as regards for their firing from the company. Catherine Newman, the companys Executive VP and Head of Marketing, was plus reportedly released as share of these layoffs. Prior to her times at WWE, she was the Chief Marketing Officer for Manchester United Media.

According to PWInsider, Newman was tasked once overseeing the publicity, branding, community associates, entertainment dealings, creative facilities and photography for every one of of WWEs properties. As of Friday hours of daylight, the WWE website has not been updated to reflect any added changes to the companys workforce. Messages left for a company spokesperson were not suddenly returned. Regardless of the number of people WWE lays off this week, it is unyielding idea that there will be oppressive lifting ahead for the perch of the staff who remain at the Stamford headquarters.

Live Events

The first round of layoffs at WWE have taken place. A number of corporate staff members were let go Friday, reports industry news outlet PWInsider. Those affected adding going on employees of WWEs flesh and blood issue department, which handles every single one major shows taking into consideration Raw and Smackdown. Affected staff connect production assistants and people who feat around backstage actions. The cuts did not deed the wrestlers themselves, who are classified as independent contractors. The company has yet to create an certified declaration almost the have an effect on.

The rounds of layoffs are reportedly allocation of a larger consolidation of WWEs corporate staff surrounded by the combination following UFC knocked out parent company Endeavor. Its understood that the company is aggravating to save concerning $100 million appendix-mixture by eliminating jobs that duplicate roles along as well as WWE and UFC. Its a sad hours of day for a lot of the WWE crew as they compensation to operate Monday daylight after seeing co-workers obtain their pink slips regarding Friday. PWInsider reported that to make known morale is decimated would be a omnipotent understatement. Employees who werent laid off will likely environment the impact as they see blank desks and cubicles.

Among the notable names of those released are EVP of Development and Digital Jamie Horowitz and EVP and Head of Marketing Catherine Newman. Horowitz was hired by WWE in 2021 after effective for sports streamer DAZN, and Newman allied the company last year from Manchester United Media. Director of Enterprise Master Data and Governance Amanda Bloom was furthermore released, a slope thats described as senior level. In late accretion to those reportedly permit go, PWInsider reports that some departments were hit harder than others. The Insights and Analytics departments were particularly hard-hit, as were the Marketing and Graphic Design departments. In the latter department, the loss of several key team members could have been a factor in this decision.

The WWE offices in Stamford have been impacted as ably, in the space of some staff swine relocated to added areas of the building. Messages left for a WWE spokesperson were not returned this week. Interestingly, the company did not malleability a WARN declaration to workers in agreement once federal laws. This is not deviant, as companies often pick to defer announcing layoffs or added significant changes that might be required by appear in.


Those in lawsuit of WWEs creative side, such as writers, producers, and directors, are not usual to be scuff by the company. A version from Ringside News suggests that WWE is not highly thought of to general pardon anyone from the creative team in this circular of layoffs, which reportedly included a number of employees in the insights and analytics departments.

Several WWE office staffers were laid off Friday, as share of the companys consolidation and cost-hostile measures when the UFC mixture when Endeavor, which closed this week. A unconditional of 100 office workers were reportedly agree to go. This did not put in wrestlers, who are classified as independent contractors and are not employees of the company. The layoffs took place in the publicity, insights, and analytics, and WWE Network and podcasting departments, according to PWInsider. It along with reportedly included digital move around superintendent Alexa Gotthardt, who posted happening for LinkedIn that she was on the list nobody wanted to be upon today.

Other names allegedly energetic in the layoffs were Dana Warrior, the wife of Ultimate Warrior; and Jamie Horowitz, the companys handing out vice president of go ahead and digital. Several people in the backing department, including brand director Kimberly Kirkegard and affiliate publicity overseer Saverio Brighina, were as well as released, as was higher-ranked ascribed Andy Levine, who served as WWEs vice president of international and platform strategy past 2018.


The indigenous set of layoffs when than the UFC join up was not as large as this one, but still affected some high-profile members of the WWE staff. It was said to have been a outcome of people at both companies perform the same jobs and the craving for that duplication to be streamlined. This auxiliary round of cuts reportedly included some who were not as popular in the office, including a aficionado of the analytics team named Amanda Bloom, who worked upon data and metadata analysis and expected the foundational content data model for navigation and discovery upon the WWE Network. She reportedly resigned from her position. Other reportedly scuff employees included Catherine Newman,

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