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Why pick out acrylic charms, acrylic keychains custom-made from vograce?

Acrylic charms or acrylic keychains are widely used over the arena due to the fact the acrylic fabric is price-effective, notably adaptable, may be shaped freely, with particularly rapid production period and complete craft style.

Vograce elements numerous acrylic merchandise which include keychains, charms, standees and badges that can be custom-made.

What is acrylic?

Acrylic is a sort of chemical fabric and is usually a type of plastic. Our merchandise are made from acrylic sheets of any length and shape, reduce and bonded.

The advantage of acrylic fabric is that the fashion can be customized freely, and it is especially adaptable and will be very superb through processing. The material shades are white, transparent, and may be made into colorful collection.

The custom standee fabric is a normally used material for our organisation’s key export merchandise. It presently debts for over 60% of all vograce merchandise.

Usage of acrylic product collection: particularly personalize anime acrylic charms/keychains/standees, and will also be used as marketing promotional items, anime add-ons, collections, decorations, and many others.

What are the advantages of acrylic merchandise over metal merchandise?

Products together with charms, keychains product of acrylic may be custom designed freely, long lasting, eco-friendly, odorless, colorful and mild in weight compared with metal ones. The acrylic merchandise are quite that may be printed with bright colorations and cut into any shape.

What acrylic product does vograce supply?

Vograce elements custom acrylic standee shakers, candy charms, clocks, refrigerator magnets, motion determine containers, telephone holders, badges, button pins, cards, and standees. If you want to order and can not find the product web page on, please make an inquiry via e-mail or fb or twitter.

What are the variations between everyday acrylic and clean acrylic merchandise?

Everyday acrylic products:

  •       It is published on paper and pasted inside the acrylic sheet.
  •       The rims are white because of the white paper; or it could be published with colour.
  •       The paper will now not be placed at the primary layer (or surface).
  •       The floor is fabricated from acrylic which is clean.
  •       Low charge, speedy manufacturing length and clean photograph.

acrylic charms

Clear acrylic products:

  •       The special ink is printed immediately on the excessive-transparent pet movie through a expert uv printing system after which pasted at the acrylic sheet.
  •       The rims or components that aren’t revealed are clear or obvious. Therefore, it’s miles called clean or transparent acrylic.
  •       The floor is sensitive and smooth.
  •       The colour is high-definition and brilliant.
  •       The paint generally does no longer fall off.
  •       The fabric is highly thick, with excessive brightness, and very good texture.

Vograce resources clear acrylic merchandise. You may find our merchandise on Aside from the clear acrylic keychains, there are candy keychains, shaker keychains, holographic acrylic keychains, glitter acrylic keychains, epoxy keychains, rainbow acrylic keychains, colorful acrylic charms, metal frame keychains, and so on.

You should buy charms, keychains, standees, badges and extra from vograce. All may be custom-made consisting of pix, sizes, colorings, shapes, accessories and package. Vograce has a manufacturing facility with professional equipments and about 200 employees. High first-class and speedy shipping are ensured.

Vograce clear or transparent acrylic charms/keychains manner description:

  •       The technique is unified as 2.5mm transparent board + printing + 1.0mm obvious board.
  •       The printing technique is divided into unmarried-sided printing, double-sided identical printing, and double-sided one-of-a-kind printing.
  •       The default 2.5mm obvious board is the opposite facet, and the 1.0mm transparent board is the the front.
  •       The epoxy facet defaults to the front facet.
  •       The unique ink is outlined on the high-obvious pet movie thru a professional uv printing method, and then attached to the acrylic sheet. The edges or elements that aren’t published are transparent.

The printing surface is clean and more delicate; the colours are much brighter.

Vograce makes use of diamond cut system, that’s an upgraded system of the ordinary model, to make certain smooth edges, high transparency, and no slicing marks. There is no plastic scent.

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