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What You Need To Know About Bali Airport Transfer

You will be glad to know that there are many options for getting from Bali airport to your accommodation. These include private transfers, taxis and motorbike taxis. If you want to avoid queues, haggling and hassle with drivers then it is recommended to book a transfer in advance. It will save you time, money and stress.


Bali is well known for its taxis, which are easy to find at almost every corner. Just stand by the side of the road and lift your arm, and a taxi will stop to pick you up. Taxis are usually a good choice but you have to be careful when using them in Bali. They can charge high fares and drivers don’t always give change, so it’s important to ask them to turn on the meter before getting in.

Another option is to use the motorbike taxis, also known as Gojek. These are a little more difficult to find at the airport, but they do accept one passenger per bike. If you’re a solo traveller or don’t have any luggage, this is an option to consider. They offer fares starting at 60,000 IDR ($3.95) and you’ll need to find them near the domestic terminal, near Starbucks.

Private Driver

Getting from Bali airport transfer to your hotel can be a daunting task. If you are travelling alone or as part of a small group, a private driver can make the trip much easier and cheaper than taking a taxi. Whether you are visiting Ubud or Seminyak, our professional drivers are always on hand to get you to your accommodation safely and quickly. Having your driver waiting for you at the airport means no queues or haggling with other passengers – just you and your luggage in an air-conditioned car.

You will be picked up by a local driver from Ngurah Rai International Airport who will help you with your luggage, assist with currency exchange and drive you directly to your hotel or villa on the island. A private door-to-door transfer from Bali airport saves you time, money and hassle – especially if you are traveling to popular tourist attractions like Sacred Monkey Sanctuary Forest, Uluwatu Temple or Jatiluwih Rice Terraces. With a pre-booked transfer, your driver will take care of the ticketing process, so you can get to the attractions without having to wait in line.


Travel to Bali airport taxi is an inexpensive option. However, it’s not a convenient one. Drivers usually hang out outside the domestic terminal, but they only accept one passenger per bike. Another popular form of public transport in Bali is Bemo, which look like minibuses and can carry 12 passengers. These are generally slower than mopeds, but they’re much cheaper. In addition, you can hire a private driver for a fixed rate to and from Bali airport. These are available from a few local companies, including Transport Minivan and Trans Tuban.

Taxis are also another common option for traveling to and from Bali airport. These can be found at the airport’s taxi counters on the arrivals level outside of the terminal. They have metered and fixed fares, and it’s best to agree on a price before getting into the car.


Bali airport shuttle has a bus service for tourists who want to get to their accommodation faster. It is operated by the public bus company Sarbagita and has two routes (Koridors) – Koridor II and Koridor VIII. The one-way ticket is Rp 7500 and the bus stop is on the ground floor of the International arrival terminal. Alternatively, you can use rideshare pick-up services. Grab is available in Bali and you can request a pickup through the app once you have exited the airport. You can also choose to take a motorbike taxi or minibus. These are a popular option for locals and are also cheaper than taxis.

However, it is recommended to book a private transfer before you arrive in Bali. This will save you time, stress and money in the long run. You’ll be met at the airport by a driver who knows your destination and can easily take you to it. Plus, they’re much cheaper than most other transfers to your hotel or villa!

Final Thought

You can choose from a selection of affordable and convenient options to get you around the island. Depending on where you’re staying, it can make the difference between an enjoyable trip and one that feels stressful. A popular option is to arrange a private driver. These drivers are experienced and know all the best spots.

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