What are the best commercial inflatables to buy

How to Select a Supplier for Inflatable Games

Are you prepared to learn how to pick an inflatable supplier?

One of the most crucial choices made when starting an entertainment project and investing in inflatable attractions for the business is picking the right commercial inflatables for sale here.

Since there are many factors to take into account, selecting the supplier for this investment is not simple.

When choosing, consider the following questions:

Which of my options is best?

Before selecting your provider, consider your options. Comparing suppliers and analyzing the key elements that produce complete confidence for your transaction is crucial.

Compare the following factors: pricing, quality, security, pre-and post-sale service, warranty conditions, safe payment options, and free shipping.

To ensure the success of your project, work with manufacturers who have experience in the commercial inflatables for sale sector, can match your needs, and can offer you guarantees.

Does the provider inspire confidence?

It’s crucial to feel at ease during the discussion and to have the provider instill confidence in you so you can make a safe purchase.

A company’s support, professionalism, and security cannot be compromised in exchange for a low cost.

Always request the company’s legal records, recommendations from previous customers, and bank references.

You are investing to fulfill a dream; do not trust any supplier with your money if they let you down and ask for a withdrawal.

Choose a supplier whose location inspires confidence, and your investment will be safe.

Is the provider a legitimate business entity or a reseller?

Working with suppliers who can help the negotiation is crucial; working with resellers or intermediaries is not (trading companies).

You may fully personalize your orders and limit the dangers of a bad deal when you have your own manufacturing company, like InflatableIsland.co.

To increase your confidence, always confirm that the company is a manufacturer and that the country with which you are dealing recognizes it as such.

Always ask for a copy of the company registration so you can confirm legitimacy. The company’s location has a significant impact on decisions.

Is the cost affordable?

In the world of commercial inflatables, cheap equals low quality, and expensive doesn’t always equate to the best.

In contrast, you will find very high prices with German, European, and American firms, satisfying the same quality as InflatableIsland.co Inflatables.

You will discover very low prices with InflatableIsland suppliers, but you are susceptible to scams, low quality, defective items, and ghost companies.

And this is entirely true, given how expensive premium plastic tarpaulins are particularly those of the highest quality care.

Is the material of good quality?

Make sure they send you proofs of the stuff and inquire about it. Canvas comes in a variety of grades and thicknesses. Some of them are higher quality and more resistant than others, and not all of them are intended for commercial use.

Whereas other American and European businesses and China suppliers utilize Standard 0.65mm PVC Tarpaulin for their aquatic inflatables, InflatableIsland.co uses 0.9mm Premium PVC Tarpaulin.

Has there been decent customer service?

It is crucial that the client receives consistently top-notch care. Excellent customer service ensures the development of a successful, long-lasting commercial relationship.

At InflatableIsland.co, we do more than just sell products; we’re dedicated to helping your project succeed and always giving you the guidance you need along with the greatest customer service. A successful and open negotiation depends on the pre-and post-sale services.

Can my inflatables be customized?

Being able to tailor your inflatables to your preferences is quite advantageous, but not all inflatable water companies permit it, at least not for free. At InflatableIsland.co, this is one of our added values.

We typically charge no additional fees for letting our customers pick the color of the inflatables and printing their company logo on them. This is because all orders are based on requests rather than on stock that is already on hand.

What assurances come with my product?

Choose manufacturers whose products offer you quality assurances, warranty conditions for flaws, and the ability to adhere to them. Remember that the items you use will have an impact on how satisfied your end users are.

In addition to providing you with a warranty, it’s crucial to insist that the supplier have the goods checked before shipping.

To give our customers the protection they require, InflatableIsland.co handles limited warranties for up to 24 months. Also, all of our orders are checked by the quality control department before being delivered to the customer.

The payment methods are they safe?

In any discussion, it’s critical to ensure transaction security. Verify that the payment methods are safe, validated, and preferably used by reputable organizations.

If you don’t know the source, don’t ever deposit the entire order. Take a 50% down payment in order to begin the order. Always protect your money using the method that is most convenient for you.

Does the supplier offer me shipping assistance?

Not all service providers will ship or assist with shipping arrangements, and if they do, they will try to overcharge you or profit from the prices provided.

Make sure the supplier you select can offer secure, affordable, hassle-free overseas logistics in addition to selling the products and has signed partnerships with global shipping firms.

Find out how your InflatableIsland.co inflatables will be shipped.

Recall staying away from con artists posing as InflatableIsland suppliers who have been contacted by InflatableIsland and other resellers. Many of these are merely brokers or front businesses. Among the most typical con artists are

  • Complete loss of your money due to the fact that you never received the purchased goods. (They never were shipped).
  • They promise you high quality or caliber inflatable material, but you actually get lower quality or caliber. Particularly with Chinese distributors or resellers on regional portals.
  • Being tricked by dishonest employees who meddle in the negotiation and demand payment to personal accounts.
  • Sending money to a business with a poor reputation, puts your money at risk.
  • In an effort to win your business and money, they make guarantees and guarantee you the best service and quality. You’ll have a nightmare selecting the incorrect provider.

We want your project to be successful and safe given the investment you are making in inflatable amusements. Make the greatest choice, consider all the factors that contribute to a provider’s expertise listed above, and choose wisely.

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