What Are The Benefits Of Lice Treatment In Boca?

In-home lice services save families time and money. They allow children to continue with their daily activities after they have been checked and treated for head lice. Family head checks are free and Dente also provides a certificate for the school or camp nurse to certify that your child is lice-free.

Lice Inspection

Lice can be itchy and irritating to the point where you want to get them taken care of before they reappear. That is why lice inspections are so important and why we offer in home, family friendly services that are sure to make you say, “Ooh la la!” Our patented comb-out uses a safe and effective all natural killing agent to remove the lice and their eggs from infested hair. Your Lice Removal Boca Lice Checks technician will use a specially designed comb to suffocate and remove all lice and their nits from your infested family members.

In addition to the comb out, we also offer a high tech nit identification device to ensure that all nits are accounted for. Our most impressive nit identification technology enables us to identify, locate and remove nits in even the most difficult to treat hair. The nits are then disposed of safely, so you can enjoy your post treatment itch free head and scalp. We are proud to be able to help families throughout Boca Raton, Florida snag those pesky head lice before they return to your household.

Lice Comb Out

Lice combs are one of the most effective tools for head lice removal. They’re designed to comb through hair in tiny sections, removing the lice and nits (eggs) along with any loose hair strands. Using a high-quality comb with fine teeth helps remove both and nits more effectively than other types of combs, according to one study. Combs with teeth spaced closer to 0.09 inches were also more effective than those with a tooth spacing of 0.2 to 0.3 inches.

The best way to comb out your child’s hair is to apply enough conditioner or oil to the hair before combing. That will make the hair slippery so it’s easier to comb through and also stop the live lice from moving.

Lice Treatment

A head lice treatment is a thorough and effective process of suffocating the bugs and removing their nits. Lice infestations are a nuisance that can interfere with school, social activities and overall health. With Lice Checks Boca performed frequently, it can be easy to catch them before they get too out of control.

In-home head lice treatment offers convenience, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Children can continue to participate in their home activities while being checked and treated for lice, eliminating the need for driving, parking and waiting at a salon. After two treatments, all lice and their eggs should be killed. In the meantime, you should continue to check other family members for signs of lice and nits. Also, anyone with an itchy scalp rash should be checked. Bedmates of children who have lice should be treated as well.

Lice Removal Follow-Up

Lice Removal Boca does the name of its business proud by treating your family or staff to a top of the line Lice Treatment Boca that will leave your hair feeling and looking great. They are a local Boca Raton company and their lice treatments can be found in most of South Florida. They are a member of the Better Business Bureau and offer a satisfaction guarantee for their customers. They are also a mobile service and will come to you or your office. They are a surprisingly good and affordable choice for your headlice needs. Using the right company for your lice problems is the key to a happy, healthy and lice free home or office. Be sure to check with your insurance provider for coverage options before committing to any service provider.

Final Word

Head lice are a parasitic infection that can have severe consequences for children, parents, and school. At Lice Cleanique, we provide a safe and effective way to treat lice infestations. The medication we use in our clinic is a pesticide-free, liquid gel. It works by detangling hair and preparing it for lice removal using our premium metal lice comb.

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