Weems and Plath Manual Compass as a Merin Product

A dependable tool used by sailors to confirm location, check to see if you are securely anchored on a collision course, or confirm your position as a backup to the GPS is the hand-bearing compass. Among various bearing compasses, is the Weems & Plath Hand Compass to get more information visit

Compass Is Protected

The compass is protected by an armored yellow and blue rubber shell that stands out and makes it simple to locate. The Weems & Plath hand-bearing compass is a lightweight, easily-stowed compass in the shape of a hockey puck that may be worn around the neck or in a jacket pocket. It’s simple and discrete to wear or tuck away in your pocket. This makes it simple to keep the compass close at hand and prepared to take a bearing. I prefer the hockey puck type (as opposed to the pistol grip) because it allows you to take the reading while holding the compass close to your eye, which is a highly stable position, as compared to other styles that require you to hold the compass away from your body. When the boat is in adverse conditions, the degree of difficulty in taking a precise bearing increases.

It may be simpler to take accurate bearings with this form of hand compass held against your cheek, especially on a moving vessel. The Plastimo Iris 50 hand-bearing compass and the Weems & Plath hand-bearing compass is comparable in look and build quality. Only the northern hemisphere can use the hand-bearing compass Weems & Plath type 2004. You will be glad to have this high-quality navigational tool on board because it costs less than $150.

Features of This Hand Bearing Compass by Weems & Plath Include:

  • Compass comes with detailed instructions, a certificate of calibration, and a lanyard for wearing it around the neck or wrist.
  • Convenience. By reading the course displayed through the magnifying lens while looking down at the compass, one can rapidly calculate a heading.
  • Day or night, a steady bearing may be seen in the prism with perfect focus. It is simple to properly plat a bearing to within 1-2 degrees.
  • A liquid-dampened card with photo luminescent night lighting that charges quickly by holding the compass under a strong light for a brief period. This Weems & Plath compass doesn’t require batteries.
  • The hand-bearing compass card is quick, clear, and simple to see thanks to the contrast between the black and red numerals.
  • The compass is held close to the eye and read along the line of sight to determine a point’s bearing. In difficult conditions, easier than arms-length bearing compasses.
  • Continual guarantee
  • Accurate to 1 degree, confirmed by Weems & Plath.

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