UC Browser Android

UC Browser Android

A sport after statistical survey that has been found where most numbers participate in playing the game. Accordingly, it has been graded as the world’s 2nd favourite sport. This popular game started in England in the 19th century and the father of it is W.G. Grace. His statue stands tall in the worlds most popular wax meausum Madame Tussaunds in London, England. Surely by now all of you must have well guessed the sport talked about here. Yes, Cricket it is. Cricket is governed officially by the International Cricket Council. Depending on a result-oriented performance criteria countries become members of the ICC.

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At the very early stages the members were England and Australia. Today it has many more countries in it. Cricket is the world’s longest playing duration game. Test cricket is played 05 full days with approximate playing time of 6 hours a day. This was the first format of the game. Since then, many other formats have been introduced. 1 day cricket with 50 overs a team and T20 cricket with 20 overs a team have gained immense popularity. So much so the number of countries playing in these formats of the game have increased by the numbers. To shed some main details a cricket team, consist of 11 players.

There are Batsmen and Bowlers. An over means a bowler will bowl 06 times at a batsman. Batsman then will hit the ball. A batsman will run between the wickets which will be added numerically called the score at the end of the teams batting. The team that has the highest score emerges winner. Cricket with its many spills and thrills has brought about the belief and saying “The game is not won or lost until the last ball is bowled” meaning the difficulty of predicting a winner early. To give a wider easy access to a game and to thrill its die-hard fans now is an app that can be installed in every smartphone.  UC Browser- Live Cricket Scores and Video Downloader is the name.

How to use UC Browser Android

Tune in to any game choosing the site where the action is and watch via live streaming. The UC Browser allows information, videos to be shared with others and could be easily saved in a smartphone. It’s not limited to cricket but with the speed of lightning like can download any other videos of interest to be viewed offline avoiding getting caught to internet traffic. All these absolutely free. Vast verities of popular stickers are made available for you and to be shared with anyone. Live cricket scores and related details are continuously updated to ensure that all the cricket lovers do not miss out on the action. Get tuned now!

Download UC Browser Android

You can download UC Browser Android freely and easily from AC Market Apk. Now a days AC Market App Store is the best App Store to download your Android apps. Visit Google Play and download AC Market App. Then download UC Browser Android via AC Market.

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