Top Quality Tesla Model Y Accessories

Whether you’re looking to add some extra storage, upgrade your vehicle’s aesthetic or improve its performance, there are plenty of accessories available for your Tesla Model Y. When selecting aftermarket parts and accessories, keep in mind quality, compatibility and safety. The Carwiner 4PCS Center Console Organizer Tray is a practical way to keep your Model Y’s center console organized and accessible. It’s also easy to clean.


The Model Y is one of the most cutting-edge electric vehicles available. Take this revolutionary vehicle even further with our collection of interior upgrades and accessories. These Tesla Model Y interior accessories prioritize functionality, compatibility and personal demands. Whether you’re looking to keep your cargo area organized or want to protect the seats and upholstery from spills, stains and other debris, these Tesla accessories offer an array of solutions. Our Tesla Model Y interior accessories also include car seat protectors and covers, trunk organizers and sunshades. Our selection also includes a cooler custom-fit for the frunk that will ensure you never show up to a road trip empty-handed.

Make your Tesla Model 3 stand out from the crowd with our wide selection of exterior Tesla Model Y Accessories. From trim dress-up bits to vinyl headlight accents, these Tesla accessories will help you add a customized look to your sedan. We have mud flaps to help you prevent mud and dirt from sticking to your paint, as well as wheel caps and lug nuts to protect them from damage.


Whether you want to protect your Model Y from the elements or simply elevate its appearance, there are plenty of options available. These accessories provide a combination of utility and style, allowing owners to create a driving experience that reflects their own unique personality. One of the most common Tesla car accessories is a set of mud flaps. These help keep your car clean and prevent small stone chips from accumulating behind the wheels. They’re especially useful if you drive on unpaved roads.

Another popular accessory is a replacement dashboard screen protector. The factory-installed tempered glass in the Model Y is a fingerprint magnet, and this product makes it easy to remove those smudges. Other interior upgrades include storage organizers for the front trunk and glove box, sunshades, seat covers, center console trays and covers, and more. Some of these accessories are available in Tesla shops, while others are offered through third-party platforms. Regardless of where you buy them, all of these options are compatible with the Model Y and require no modification for installation.


Aftermarket Tesla Model 3 accessories offer a variety of ways to customize your car to suit your personality. These Tesla car accessories include carbon fiber pieces and interior wraps that can subtly change the look of your vehicle. Other aftermarket Tesla accessories can enhance your driving experience by adding convenience and safety features. For example, a Tesla Model 3 frunk organizer is a great way to keep your trunk organized and tidy while you’re not using it. Other safety-related Tesla accessories include jack pads to prevent your tires from slipping off the jack and a tyre air pressure gauge to monitor tire pressure.

Lighting mods are another popular option for enhancing the personalization of your Tesla. These Tesla Model 3 lights can be installed in the interior or exterior of your vehicle to create a custom ambiance and improve visibility. Some lighting mods include LED strip lights, illuminated door sills, and puddle lights. Other options include a powder coating for the brake calipers to add color and style.


The Tesla Model 3 Accessories places an emphasis on safety and comes with several cutting-edge driver-assistance features. These include collision avoidance, blind-spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, and lane-keeping assist. Customers can also upgrade to full self-driving capability (FSD Capability) for autonomous lane changes, parking, and navigation of interchanges. A rudimentary emergency kit helps you stay prepared in the event of an accident. It includes a first-aid pack, warning triangle, and high-visibility vest.

Before installing any accessory carrier, make sure it does not exceed the weight limit specified by its manufacturer and measure the vertical and horizontal distances from your accessory carrier’s center of gravity to the ball on your hitch. Exceeding the maximum weight may cause damage that is not covered by the warranty. You can find more information in the product details of each accessory carrier or by contacting its manufacturer. Adding non-Tesla-approved accessories and performing non-approved modifications can affect your Tesla’s performance or safety and is not covered by the warranty.


Protect your upholstery from spills and wear with all-weather floor mats and trunk liners. Keep your cabin organized with center console covers and trays, sunshades, pedals and more. Plan your charging strategy with a wall connector upgrade that delivers faster rates. Keep essentials within reach with the popular door pocket organizer/liners.

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