outlook error 0x800ccc0e

Got Stuck? Try These Tips To Fix Your OUTLOOK ERROR 0X800CCC0E

The outlook error 0x800ccc0e! OH JUST DISGUSTING! It’s like Gmail/Yahoo any other email-based server. But the outlook has differences from the other servers. It includes some extra features with the email-based server. Its added task management, calendaring, contact management, taking notes, and the most usable web browsing.

We, the normal people used outlook as an email client and web browser agent. Though outlook is the best email server, it has some common problems while sending or receiving emails to or from others. Today we will talk about some general problems and how to fix the problem. Many people faced the problem but don’t know how to fix the issue. The popular problems are given below:

  • outlook error 0x800ccc0e
  • outlook error 0x800ccc1a 

What Is Outlook Error 0x800ccc0e? 

While we want to send a message or receive the message, a pop-up window appears on the screen showing Error 0x800ccc0e: This error problem mainly occurs in Windows-10 of Microsoft. The main reason behind this is that outlook doesn’t want to authenticate an outlook account to give or take emails for some crucial problems.

outlook error 0x800ccc0e

The motives in the back of the 0x800ccc0e Outlook mistakes might be many. In this guide, we’ll speak about those motives and the answers that have to assist you in troubleshoot and remedying the Outlook mistakes 0x800ccc0e. Some unusual motives for Outlook Error 0x800ccc0e mistakes are as follows:

  1. If there are issues with a web connection: – Sometimes because of inadequate or no Internet connection, you get a message that Outlook mistakes 0x800CCC0E cannot hook up with a server.
  2. If there is an authentication mistake: – Some IMAP mail money owed use an outgoing SMTP server that calls for authentication. An IMAP mistake – 0x800CCC0E may also arise in case your Outlook utility cannot authenticate the outgoing server (SMTP).
  3. If there are incompatible Add-Ons: – You are using an incompatible add-on or suspicious add-on, then you will face the error message.
  4. Damaged Outlook software or files: – If there remains any problem with antivirus software. They actually create a barrier between incoming or outgoing messages.
  5. Wrong settings or port numbers: – You may also get mistakes code 0X800CCC0E in Outlook because of wrong port numbers. For example, in case you enabled encryption however set the incoming server port variety (IMAP) to unencrypted port variety 143, or in case you did now no longer permit encryption however modified the port variety to encrypted port variety 993.
  6. Corrupt Outlook information file (.PST): – If your device got some corrupted files or suspicious files that can endanger the receiver greatly.
  7. Firewall blocking off Outlook: Firewall can be blocking off Outlook.exe. If the .exe report is blocked, it cannot speak together along with your mail server.

In case you have got these days modified a few settings in Outlook or the system, you may repair the antique settings and test if that resolves the Outlook mistakes 0x800ccc0e.

Error synchronizing folder in Outlook: Microsoft provides an information manager. In such circumstances, converting the Outlook OST to PST file format is required to resolve the issue. The following are the steps that must be taken in order to examine the Sync Issues folder and its subfolders: Select “Proceed” from the “Menu” drop-down menu.

Sync Issues: The synchronization logs are stored in the Sync Issues folder. It comes in handy when Outlook is having problems synchronizing with all of the Exchange Servers. Consider the fact that Outlook Web Access has a feature that Outlook does not, or that when utilizing the Cached Exchange Mode, you aren’t getting fresh emails in some folders

Failures in the Neighborhood: This folder holds everything that isn’t transmitted to the Exchange Server. If any modifications are made to a specific data item when working offline and those changes do not appear when assessing with a separate Outlook account, the regional Failures folder must be examined first.

The server of The Failures: If Outlook is unable to synchronize an item from the host, it is transferred to the Server Failures folder from its original location.

Now we will talk about the most wanted thing “Solution of outlook send/receive error or outlook error 0x800ccc0e

how to solve error 0x800ccc0e

  1. Check Stable Net Connection: – An unreliable or unstable net connection will be a likely perpetrator at the back of such issues. Thus, test your net connection and make sure strong connectivity at the same time as the use of the system. If you locate issues, touch your net provider issuer to clear up the issue. When you use a Wi-Fi connection, then the error can happen frequently. That is why one should use public Wi-Fi less when he/she frequently face this problem.
  2. Check Firewall Settings: – Test your firewall settings and antivirus software program. A few antiviruses software program comes with script blockading features, which would possibly block the Outlook scripts and result in outlook error 0x800ccc0e.
  3. Out Uninstall and Reinstall: – You also must absolutely uninstall and reinstall Outlook. Reinstalling is thought to restoration the continual blunders of error 0x800ccc0e. After reinstalling the services, you may want to create a brand-new account. It totally needs a simple 5 steps to complete the installation program.
  4. To uninstall, observe those steps: 1. Open the Control Panel. 2. Go to Programs and Features. Find “Microsoft 365” (or a different relevant Office application) and click it. 3. Click “Uninstall” on the pinnacle of the Programs and Features window. This opens the uninstall wizard. 4. Follow the commands on the screen. Once the system is complete, reinstall Office to feature a brand-new Outlook installation. 5. Once the system is complete, create your account and strive to send emails again. Hopefully, the Outlook trouble is now resolved.
  5. Disabling of suspicious Add-On: – Suspicious Add-Ons prevent outlook performance. To find add-ons, type Outlook.exe and press enter. Then click on add-ons and uninstall all the ads. For proper working of outlook, restart the outlook.
  6. Removal of duplicate outlook account: – Duplicate or multiple accounts causes the severe problem of outlook and people seem it the main problem behind the error. For finding a duplicate account, you need to go Outlook menu, then click Tools. After that click accounts and go to the mail tab. Watch carefully if there are any duplicate accounts. If it, then remove all duplicate accounts. After completion, restart the outlook for its proper work.

Note: Outlook no longer can access with Gmail and when it occurs simultaneously with outlook error 0x800ccc0e Gmail.

What is outlook error 0x800ccc1a? 

Outlook error 0x800ccc1a occurs if there is a crucial issue with SSL or Secured Socket Layer. When anyone selects the wrong port number in POP3 or SMTP server, then this error will occur simultaneously. And this error doesn’t allow anyone to send/receive messages with anyone. If you notice outlook error 0x800ccc1a, then something happened like the under word: –

How to Fix the Microsoft Outlook Error 0x800ccc1a

(i) Windows will crash due to this error.

(ii) The system won’t work for some second, we give this name as a Hang-up of the system.

(iii) Outlook messages will pop up frequently.

(iv) Sometimes windows take a long time to respond and this occurs also for mice and the keyboard.

(v) When you try to use the same program again and again, it will crash several times.

Some crucial causes of the outlook error 0x800ccc1a 

  1. SSL Type: – Sometimes SSL type can be the cause of this problem.
  2. High-quality Antivirus: – If the put-in associated with high quality and well-known antivirus software packages on your system have an email scanning feature, it will cause the error to occur frequently.
  3. Broken or Damaged outlook Profile: – If your outlook profile is damaged or suspicious, then it can happen sometimes.
  4. Old Microsoft Office: – If you are using old Microsoft Office 2016, then you have to upgrade to the latest versions. Otherwise, you will be the patient of this outlook error 0x800ccc1a

Some Tremendous Way to Overcome outlook error 0x800ccc1a 

Here I will tell you in steps how you can fix the issues. Let’s check by numerical order with me.

how to solve error 0x800ccc1a

SSL, SMTP, PORT number configuration: –

  1. Click MS outlook and open it.
  2. Then click “Info”

3. Click “Account Setting”

4. Click OK and Finish it

Windows File Checker System: – This system mainly finds broken or unwanted files on PC. If you run this checker, then this system can track the error and fix it.

  • It will repair severely fragmented PST files no matter the file size either big or tiny.
  • You talk to Microsoft customer service and they will give the best solution.

To Sum Up

In the above article, we talked about 1. Outlook error 0x800ccc0e, 2. Outlook error 0x800ccc1a, outlook send/receive the error, etc. We discussed the problems behind the errors and also conclude the solution step by step. Anyone can fix the outlook error 0x800ccc0e and 0x800ccc1a easily by following our steps. Please stay with us to find more solutions, Hope you enjoyed the whole article and made no transitional effect on your brain. If you daily stick with this problem then you have to get some ideas and thoughts about a permanent solution.

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