In a survey conducted earlier this year in New South Wales, it was found that 77% of Sydneysiders went in for non-surgical fat reduction tightening. A glance at the skincare industry in Australia in the last five years will reveal that Australians have begun to realise the importance of skin protection. Owing to their active involvement in outdoor sports and constant exposure to UV radiation, it is important to be mindful of the longevity of good skin.

As people age, collagen production naturally slows down, resulting in the loss of the elastic nature of the skin. Consequently, the skin starts to lose its form and shape, and it begins to affect one’s facial texture as well, and so, fat reduction treatments in Sydney now emphasise the importance of non-invasive skin tightening techniques as it steadies the production of a structural protein called collagen, a key component behind the skin’s structural integrity and firmness.

The formation of wrinkles is one of the apparent symptoms of facial ageing. Earlier, people resorted to plastic surgery for facial rejuvenation and skin enhancement. However, with non-invasive treatment experts coming to the fore in Sydney, personalised fat reduction treatments in Sydney is no longer an impossibility as the unique amalgamation of ultrasound and radiofrequency (RF) facilitate collagen production and fat reduction.


Non-surgical skin tightening techniques, in recent years, have gained popularity among the public owing to their little to zero demand for downtime after treatment. Non-surgical modern skin tightening procedures include the usage of radiofrequency (RF), lasers, and ultrasound. In most cases, a device is used to produce intended energy to heat the multiple layers of the patient’s skin and trigger collagen production.

Ultrasound Therapy

After the successful transmission of ultrasound energy into the skin using a device, it gets converted into heat energy which gives firmness to the skin. The treatment can be performed quickly, and expected results will be evident on the skin in the month post tightening. The micro-focused equipment sends heat into the deeper layers of the patient’s skin, reducing wrinkles.

Radiofrequency (RF) Skin Tightening

RF focuses on the external layer of skin cells known as the epidermis. A handheld instrument is also used to transfer heat energy into the skin. Usually, radiofrequency treatments are coupled with micro-needling to reach the inner layers of the skin. With proper skincare, the results obtained after RF therapy usually last up to 4 years.

Advanced skin tightening centres combine both RF and ultrasound to optimise results.

Laser Skin Tightening

Here, the dermis is the target. Laser treatment is generally proven to be very effective while targeting areas like the upper arms and the belly. Four to six rounds of treatment are usually required to achieve optimum results.


  1. More Collagen.

Collagen, as mentioned before, is an important protein present in the skin, connective tissues, and hair that impart strength and elasticity. As ageing slows down the production of collagen, it is important to sustain the strength and vitality of your skin by undergoing a skin tightening treatment. Ensure that the treatment is done under the supervision of experienced medical practitioners.

  1. Zero Downtime.

Conventional facelift surgical procedures require a more extended recovery period. On the contrary, modern skin tightening techniques allow the patients to be at ease post-treatment as the mode of treatment is non-surgical. Hence, skin tightening treatment using RF and ultrasound is the ideal option for those who cannot afford to spend one or two months after surgery for recovery.

  1. Maintain youthful skin.

Traditional surgical methods can sometimes produce unexpected results. However, non-invasive methods maintain the natural look of your skin and organically tighten one’s skin. As a result, removing wrinkles and damaged cells will also happen organically.

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