The Advantages of Employing a Service Provider with an ISO 27001 Certification

Offsite data backup is more of a requirement than a choice in the world we live in. Any third party tasked with looking after a company’s data must do so in a manner that adheres to best practices for risk assessment and management in a situation where a company’s data and systems are essential to survival and success.

Information security encompasses more than anti-virus software, firewall technology, and shutting down laptops or web servers; the total approach should be both operational and strategic. Even though a lot of suppliers would assert that they follow best practices, only those who are sincerely committed will have an idea about iso 27001 certification cost.

Describe ISO 27001

The 2005 publication of ISO 27001, an ISMS standard for information security management, ensures the selection of appropriate and proportionate security measures to safeguard information assets.

Because ISO 27001 is a formal specification, it demands certain standards. As a result, organizations that have implemented it can be formally audited and certified as complying with the standard. According to ISO 27001, a company must take the following actions:

What Justifies a Provider’s Certification?

Like other ISO management system certifications, ISO 27001 typically includes a two-stage initial audit procedure followed by recurring evaluations. There are a lot of additional expenses, but organizations that are prepared to spend the time and money necessary to meet the standard will view it as an investment in the future. Although some service providers may find the certification to be pricey, it should be remembered that security violations can now result in fines of up to £500,000, showing that it pays to protect customer data.

The size of your organization (or the size of the business unit(s) that will be included in the ISO 27001 scope), the criticality of the information (for example, information in banks is considered more critical and demands a higher level of protection), the technology the organization is using (for example, data centers tend to have higher costs due to their complexity.

Second, you must first undertake a risk assessment because this analysis will reveal which security measures are necessary. Otherwise, you won’t be able to determine the exact prices until you know what level of protection you need.

The following costs must be considered after the results of the risk assessment are known:

1. The Price of Training and Reading Materials

Your organization must make adjustments to implement ISO 27001, and new skills are needed. Your staff can be prepared by purchasing a variety of books on the subject and/or enrolling them in courses, which can last anywhere from one to five days.

2. The Price of Outside Help

Unfortunately, educating your staff is insufficient. You’ll need a project manager with an extensive understanding of ISO 27001 implementation if you don’t already have one. You can either employ a consultant or find an online option.

Be careful though; only your personnel should apply ISO 27001; do not expect the consultant to handle the entire process for you.

3. Technology’s Price

The majority of the businesses I’ve worked with didn’t require a significant investment in hardware, software, or anything comparable because all of these things already existed. The largest obstacle was typically figuring out how to leverage current technologies more securely.

4. The Time Spent by Employees

The standard cannot be implemented solely by consultants, nor will it implement itself (f you hire one). Your staff must take the necessary time to assess risks, determine how to enhance current practices and policies or introduce new ones, as well as prepare for new obligations, and adapt to new regulations.

5. Certification’s Price

The cost will depend on the number of man-days they will spend performing the task, ranging from under 10 man-days for smaller businesses to a few dozen man-days for larger organizations. The local market affects how much a man’s day costs.

You must take great care to avoid underestimating the iso 27001 certification cost project because if you do, your management will begin to view your project negatively. On the other hand, accurately projecting all costs will demonstrate your professionalism; don’t forget that you must always provide both the costs and the benefits.

How Are Customers Served?

There are a variety of potential security hazards when it comes to offsite data storage, including physical risks like door access and CCTV; logical risks like user privileges and data access; and procedural risks like guest access procedures. A company can feel secure knowing that its data is protected from these hazards by dealing with a vendor who has earned the ISO 27001 certification.

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