Toilet Paper Roll Test

The Accuracy Of The Toilet Paper Roll Test

The Toilet Paper Roll Test is something that every male should be aware of. There are many guys who swear by this test, which is sweeping the globe. But there is a significant issue: what the hell is it?

Toilet paper doesn’t often make people think of their penis when they hear the word.

Perhaps things are about to change.

The Toilet Paper Test: What Is It?

This is a thoughtful question. The exact nature and significance of the toilet paper test seem to be up for debate. You know, a lot of individuals use forums to discuss the exam for:

Length \sGirth \sWhy?

In any case, it varies based on the measurement. People assert that measuring length is a means to assess if your penis is large enough (more on that soon).

And with reference to girth, the test tells you how thick your penis is.

The toilet paper roll test may seem ridiculous, but guys all around the globe swear by it. It’s a test that has been put to the test repeatedly.

These two tests are both useful.

Stay Put. What Happens During the Toilet Paper Roll Test?
It’s crucial to understand how both of the test’s two methods function since there are two of them. Since many women assert that they prefer girth above length when discussing penises, we’ll start with girth.

Your penis’ thickness will be determined by this test.

Let’s begin:

Grab a tube of toilet paper. While a full tube may be used, an empty tube makes the process simpler.
Do whatever it takes to make your penis erect, even watching porn.
Try putting the toilet paper tube with your penis inside.
I’m done now.

According to others, if your penis can fit within the tube, it is not thick enough. According to statistics, the circumference of a toilet paper tube is 5.5 inches. People gauge the thickness of their penis by its circumference.

Therefore, if you can fit within the roll, your penis isn’t 5.5 inches thick.

However, if your erect penis cannot fit within the tube, your penis is thicker than 5.5 inches.

Why is any of this relevant?

Out of 15,521 individuals, studies on penis size at King’s College in London revealed that the average circumference was 4 3/4 inches.

Therefore, if your penis cannot fit within the roll, your thickness is truly over normal.

And there’s a strong possibility you’ve over the average thickness barrier if you can barely fit your penis inside.

The toilet paper Toilet Paper Roll Test is a quick and simple method to compare your circumference to the norm, and as you already know from browsing my website, there are techniques to raise your circumference if you want to be thicker than usual.

The toilet paper roll test may also be used for length measurement.

Preparing your toilet paper roll in advance is one of the numerous tasks you’ll repeat from the girth test. Prior to going on to the following phase, you should make sure your penis is very hard.

When you are completely erect, you should:

Place your penis within the tube or, if you are thicker than the tube, next to it.
Look to see whether your penis extends beyond the tube or protrudes from the other end.
And while it’s often believed that if your penis is longer, it’s large enough, it’s not always true. Toilet paper rolls are just 4 inches long for a normal roll. The roll is a sign of a tiny penis size since the average length of a man’s erect penis is 5 1/4 inches.

You may now estimate how much longer your penis is than the tube using this as a guide.

However, if your penis is shorter than the tube, it is likely much shorter than typical. In this situation, you need to take some preventative action. Start jelqing, utilize an extender, or engage in another practice to enlarge your penis.

Of course, you’ll be able to estimate the size of the penis with a little bit more precision if you don’t include the glans or the head. You are bigger than usual or at the average length, depending on how much beyond the tube this space exceeds.

You’ll know the following if you pass the toilet paper roll test:

Your circumference is below, at, or above average.
You are either shorter, longer, or average in height.
Although the test is a little unusual, the measurements of a typical toilet paper roll are accurate. It’s a fast and simple method to determine your own dimensions without having to get a ruler or measuring tape out.

Remember that different countries may use different toilet paper rolls.

For instance, Ireland is said to have bigger rolls (or maybe the user is lying), which might allow for the fitment of a man with a thicker penis. You may check the manufacturer’s stated roll circumference or measure the circumference yourself.

Certain users claim to have encountered rolls with 5 inch tubes rather than 5.5 inch tubes. You’ll notice that some rolls do have bigger and smaller circumferences.

In any scenario, it may still be utilized as a measurement method that is more entertaining and far less invasive than a ruler or measuring tape.

You must now proceed with the following steps. It’s possible that you won’t need to bother about male enhancement if you’re larger in both areas. There are ways to enlarge your penis, however, if you want to have a longer, thicker penis and saturate your partner more.

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