Solana is a Rising Star With a 30% Increase in Price

A lot of cryptocurrencies are entered into the atmosphere of the Cryptocurrency market on daily basis to try their luck. Despite that majority of cryptocurrencies are unable to achieve even a  single milestone among the investors or traders. 

In addition to that, Solana is a rising star as an altcoin in the era of cryptocurrency. Solana makes his place in the top 10 of the altcoin list which refers to the fastest growing ecosystem in the online digital assets market.

There are multiple reasons for the popularity of Solana coins. These reasons play a vital role in the global adoption of an altcoin. Investors and traders welcome Solana’s open heart due to its characteristic that makes it prominent on the other coins. Solana price is one of the major contributors to its popularity. The sol price is very reasonable and affordable for new investors and traders who want to get exposure to the online market. 

The developers fulfill the gap in the crypto market by developing Solana coins. They designed the decentralized app (DAPP) for the Solana coins. These coins are easily salable without any hardness globally. Furthermore, they maintain the proof of the history of all the transactions that happened on the Solana blockchain system, and this system can be easily scalable and modified according to the requirements of the developers, investors, and traders.

Solana coins overcome the restriction of time that is taken by the other altcoins in the process of the transaction. Solana introduces first-time fast speed and short processing time. This feature mark Solana among the top 10 coins of the crypto market. The transaction occurs in record time without any delay. Solana network also helps to minimize the time in validating the transactions. The validating of transactions is an important part of any cryptocurrency blockchain network. Without this, not a single transaction can be completed or fulfilled. 

In addition to its popularity, the Solana coins are listed on the Kucoin dashboard for the general public. Any user who has a bank account or online wallet can buy and sell the coins on the Kucoin dashboard. Kucoin blogs and tutorial convince their user to save their investment by investing in the Solana coins. Furthermore, the Solana coins are maintaining their ranking on the Kucoin dashboard.

Recently Solana’s price increased from 5% to 35% within 14 days due to two takeovers. The first one is helium merge with the Solana and the second is NFT boost. The experts say that a 35% increase in sol price is relatively greater than the Ethereum and bitcoin ratio for two weeks. 

Merging of Helium with Solana

The developers of the helium project that offered a decentralized 5g network that is connected through hotspots announced the merger with Solana to increase their scalability from their native network to the Solana blockchain network. They confirmed that the Solana network is fit for the scalability of their services to their users. 

NFT boost

The jump in Solana coin price is also boosted by the contribution of NFT’s buying and selling volume. There is a number of competitors other than Solana in the crypto market that offered NFTs like Ethereum etc. Furthermore, the competition for the overall volume of business in NFTs within 2 weeks is won by Solana. They capture 42% of the overall volume of NFTs business in the recent 14 days. 

The developers have to fill the gaps that make the inconvenience for the investor, traders, or the general public to succeed in their coins project in the crypto market. If they are unable to identify the problem and do not provide the best solution then there are likely chances to be a failure of their coins project. 

Resultantly, multiple crypto exchanges in the Cryptocurrency market listed Solana at the front of their dashboard, because the helium merger with Solana gave positive feedback to their users. The users welcome this merger and give a vote of confidence. The mechanism of Solana makes it faster and speedy than any other coin’s mechanism in the online market. This edge leads this coin to touch the sky. Furthermore, the experts are hopeful for the price variation of the Solana in the next couple of weeks.

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