Selecting the right car mover company: Factors to consider

Trucking cars from one place to another is a concern for many people. Many people opt for reputed automobile transporters to escape the complexities of sitting behind the wheel. Especially in Pune, the need for car transportation in Pune service is in full swing. Many people look for car transporters to move cars to the next destination, but they need more awareness and knowledge to get a suitable fit.

This blog post will highlight some factors when selecting a car moving company.


It is a general notion that when a service provider has experience, they are good at providing required service with adequate standards. That is why checking the experience of a car transportation company is highly crucial for a customer.

Their experience will tell you a lot about them. Considering their working experience, ask the moving company how many customers they have served since they started the business. If they do not have an adequate number of customers compared to their experience, look out for another company.

But don’t fall for a company with an unusually long list of customers served since they came into existence.

If the experience is directly proportional to the number of customers served, then the company can be genuine and can be trusted for its services. One can shortlist it for potential car transportation service providers.

Company’s Carrier Shipping Cost:

Transporting a car from a particular location to a chosen location will cost you money. To avoid being taken off balance, it is essential that you fully understand the cost of transporting your vehicle.

However, two major factors influence the price of shipping a vehicle to its supposed destination.

  • Vehicle size/weight: Some auto shipping companies have specific price quotes for vehicle sizes. Generally, you pay less for small cars (sedans), and for big cars (SUVs or trucks), you pay more.

In most cases, the shipping companies inform you to clear all your items inside the car (specifically those that can easily get harmed during transportation) before weighing them.

  • Transportation distance: One of the significant determinants of shipping price is transportation distance. The longer the transportation distance, the higher the shipping cost, and vice versa.

So, the place where the car will be picked up and where the car will be delivered impacts the cost of transportation directly.


Transporting a car comes with some liabilities, such as damage or theft. Therefore, select a car mover company, like a car transport company in Bangalore listed on page, that provides insurance coverage for your vehicle during transit. Ask the company about their insurance policy and the coverage they offer. You should also read the words and necessities of the insurance policy carefully to understand what is covered and what is not.


You won’t necessarily speak to a truck driver when you reach out to an auto transport company. You will most likely talk to a customer support representative.

Be sure to ask about their driver’s qualifications in that first interaction. Find out whether the truck drivers are equipped to handle your vehicle safely. Approach another carrier if the company fails to ascertain its drivers’ experience and skills.

The truck drivers must have a certified CDL (commercial driver’s license). They should also be reliable and trained in time management and stress management.


For anyone who has made a car shifting in Hyderabad initially or even an online purchase, they will tell you waiting for delivery is stressful. Choosing a car-hauling company that offers vehicle tracking is an added advantage.

Vehicle tracking will allow you to know the status of your car hauling process at any time. It will also allow you to note when there are delays at any step in the car-hauling process. This on-demand tracking helps to reduce stress for the customer significantly.

Often, car transporters that offer tracking services will charge more because of the integration of this feature. However, the tracking system is worth the additional price you will pay for it.


When choosing an automobile shipping company to move your car to your select location, trustworthiness and steadfastness are the primary factors you must consider before selecting.

Not all car transport companies present today are responsible, and the most sensitive part is that both the fraudster and the Real are accurate. “All that shinning is not gold,” which is why you don’t just select a shipping company based on the advertisement but through thorough investigation and research.

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