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Run Like a Boss: Essential Kit for new female runners

To begin with, a running routine can be challenging and exhausting. If you’re a first-time runner, you must plan a few things. It includes picking up the right fear. To make your experience smooth, seamless, and enjoyable. Starting from sports shoes to sports bras, each piece of equipment holds important significance for comfort, performance, and injury prevention. Here is a detailed guide for new female runners on what to pick before you begin your running routine. 

Women Running Shoes

Before you buy anything else, make sure to buy yourself a good pair of women running shoes. These shoes have padding and cushioning that keep the feet comfortable by putting less pressure on them and creating less friction between the leg and the surface. It prevents injuries and helps you run longer distances. Here are the key points to consider before buying shoes:  


  • Your shoes should fit perfectly on your feet. It should have no room for wiggling because it may lead to injury.
  • Analyse your arch type and choose your shop accordingly for improved traceability.
  • Your shoes should be durable and not prone to damage. 


To maintain optimal support, you are advised to change your shoes after running for 300–500 miles because that’s enough distance to wear the shoes.

Sports Bra for Running 

Your breasts need optimal support when you hit the track. Without the right support, your breasts might get injured and become painful. So before you begin your routine, get a medium- or high-impact sports bra for running. You can also opt for cross-band bras with cushioning to keep yourself comfortable while running. Ensure your bra is not too tight or loose; it has to fit you perfectly. Also, pick materials that absorb the sweat to make you feel cool. 

Running Apparels 

The right clothing is essential when you are on the running track. It is important to pick functional and comfortable apparel. Your apparel should be weather-appropriate, making you feel agile enough to run in all kinds of weather. If your clothing is not breathable, it might lead to skin irritation and chafing from sweat. Also, it should be made of stretchable material so that you can run without feeling stuffed in your clothes. 

Iron Supplements

Women are more susceptible than men to iron insufficiency due to biological differences. Menstruation is an important component, as is a diet deficient in iron or high in foods that restrict iron absorption. According to studies, between one and four out of every ten female runners are prone to the shortage, but there is a fix. A nutritious iron-rich diet, as well as a supplement, can help to compensate.


Before you begin your running routine, you must get the right gear for yourself. Investing in appropriate materials like a high-quality sports bra, shoes, and running accessories will help reduce injuries and enhance our experience

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