Red Carpet Royalty – Elevate Your Las Vegas Experience With VIP Services

Unleash your inner celebrity for one night by partying at a VIP table. Upon arrival at the club your host will escort you to your table. They will also make sure no ‘unwanted guests’ invade your area. Avoid the long line and skip the cover fees with VIP Bottle Service. Our VIP hosts can assist you with getting hosted entry or seated tables into Marquee, XS, Hakkasan and more of the top Las Vegas clubs.

Enhance Your Nightlife And Dayclub Experience

Red carpet Las Vegas VIP Services at the city’s elite nightclubs and dayclubs. VIP tables are available at Encore Beach Club, Marquee Nightclub, XS Nightclub, Light Nightclub, Hakkasan Nightclub and more. We also offer limo services, hotel deals, club crawls, atmosphere models and party planning. When you book a bottle service table you skip the line at the club and are escorted in directly. Your private table will have a selection of liquor, a dedicated bottle server and complimentary mixers. You will also have a view of the stage or dance floor.

Our hosts will contact you before your night to set up a time for them to walk you into the club. They will make sure you are seated at your table and show you around before they leave for the night. They will help keep your drink orders filled, clear away uninvited guests from your table area and keep the night moving smoothly.

Indulge In The Luxury Of Having A Private VIP Table

Imagine walking into a busy Las Vegas nightclub where you’re instantly escorted past the long lines of people. You make your way into the club and immediately get seated at your private VIP table where you have access to the hottest waitresses in town. The music is pumping and the dance floor is full of energy. Your friends are all around and you’re feeling like a celebrity for the night. You’ll also be recognized in the event program and receive a premium gift bag. All in all, the VIP table experience is like being a guest at a celebrity’s private event.

Whether you’re celebrating a bachelor party, birthday, or anniversary, let our team plan your ultimate VIP experience at Marquee Nightclub, XS Nightclub, Hakkasan Nightclub, Light Nightclub, Encore Beach Club, TAO Nightclub and more! Contact us to learn more. Just fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly. Thanks!

Enjoy A Selection Of Complimentary Mixers

You’ll enjoy a private VIP table at the club or dayclub of your choice, two bottles of premium liquor and complimentary mixers (standard mixers like soda, cranberry, and orange are included and factored into the package price). Our dedicated bottle service host will take care of everything, so you can relax and enjoy your night out. Before your night starts a host from Red Carpet VIP will contact you to set up a meeting time so they can walk you right into the nightclub. They will make sure you have a VIP table in a desirable section and get you started enjoying your night out.

If you want a truly memorable Vegas experience, book a bottle service table with Red Carpet VIP. Our VIP concierge services include VIP entry, table service, limos, atmosphere models and more. We can also assist you with Las Vegas hotel deals, party bus rentals and more. We have years of business relationships with nightclubs and have access to management so we are able to offer the best prices on VIP in Las Vegas.

Our Dedicated VIP Host Will Take Care Of Everything

Whether you are walking the red carpet at a premiere or an awards show, you want to look your best. Spending hours on your hair, makeup and outfit is a necessity so that you can make the right impression. With bottle service, our VIP host will take care of everything. They will escort you into the club, take you to your private VIP table and make sure that everything is set up and ready for you. They will also be available throughout the night to assist you if you need anything.

Red Carpet VIP offers VIP bottle service at Las Vegas’ most elite nightclubs and dayclubs. We can help plan and execute all types of events including bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties and anniversaries. We can also provide a selection of complimentary mixers, a dedicated cocktail server, a security guard and a busser for your VIP table. We are the leading VIP hosting company in Vegas.

Last Word

Whether it’s nightclub bottle service, limo service or club crawls they plan bachelor/bachlorette parties and other events. They claim to have VIP entry into Marquee, XS and Encore Beach Club as well as strip clubs.

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