Raptology Is the Home of Hip-hop

Some of the greatest talents go unnoticed for lack of exposure. With Raptology, artists in the shadows of the industry are brought into the spotlight.

Since its inception, the music industry has been a way for many to find a path to a better life. This is no truer than the hip hop genre where many rappers used the art form to tell stories of their rough upbringing in the streets and the scars that come with it. Hip hop was like the discovery of something special, a new species of music that had a connection with its listeners.

As one era ended, another took up the mantle carrying hip hop to even higher acclaim, until finally technology advanced to the point of creating the digital world. What once took artists standing on street corners and driving miles with CDs in their trunk, now became possible with just a few clicks on the internet from the comfort of their home.

Music was booming, and the internet was the place to be. Consumers became privy to music from rappers across the globe fighting for a spot of the gold rush and big bucks. While some blew up overnight, other talents fell under the wave of artists pouring music every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

The industry matured into a free for all, but it wasn’t free for all. Gatekeepers of the rap game molded and supported artists that fit a certain narrative, often those who cater to a stigma of negative topics recorded over an unrefined craft.

The internet created opportunities but also made it hard for true hip hop artists to make it to the top due to lack of know-how and resources to compete with those being funded by major labels and platforms. But just as rappers were looking on hopelessly as their dreams crumbled, others were looking on with a burning desire to help and lift hip hop back to the standard it was once cherished for.

Those few used that passion to build the platform named, Raptology. Their goal? To honor hip hop’s culture and give artists with true talent access to resources and a viewership in the millions across the world. Raptology was the Neo of the music industry, and their rise was as a savior to dreams that were once considered lost.

Founded in the streets of New York, Raptology began their path to changing the way the industry supports and respects the craft of artists who have put everything into pursuing their path to success.

They understand the struggle, the fight to make a way and turn your dreams into reality, and most importantly, they are lovers of hip hop who wish to see the artform flourish without losing the depth and craft that made it the greatest genre the world has ever heard. Ratology’s online platform came with a vision and brought receipts to prove their mission was one that actually did what it said it would; make dreams happen for upcoming artists and further boost established artists.

Hip-hop and all its subgenres, along with musicians fluent in the art of R&B have reaped the benefits of having the resources and worldwide reach of Raptology. Through their news coverage, artist interviews, hip hop contests, and articles written by the best writers in the industry, Raptology has brought upcoming artists into the spotlight of fans, readers, and viewers locally and internationally.

Whatever happens in hip hop, Raptology has you covered. Events, album releases, upcoming artists to look out for, festivals, new trends, artist beefs, exclusive interviews, Raptology has its fingers on everything hip hop related and continues to bring it all to the masses and use their limitless network and connections to uplift artists to stardom. This level of support and passion for the greater good of upcoming artists is unheard of in the industry, not because it never happens but because there’s almost always a selfish or underhanded motive attached to the good deed.

With Raptology, that fear for artists is erased as they provide these services because they truly love hip hop and wish to be leaders of the culture into a future where artists aren’t blackballed and held down because they don’t conform to those with power trying to keep great music stifled to push their agenda of baseless music derived from “money, drugs, and death.” Raptology is on the side of both the fans and the artists, acting as a bridge where fans get great music they desire, and artists gain exposure to the world without having to compromise their art.

Raptology has built up a reputation for being exactly what they say they are; a platform that’s all about evolving hip hop positively and in extension promoting, assisting, and empowering artists with their resources, guidance, and connections in the industry. Raptology pushes artists to be their best selves, inspiring their future, and continues to encourage them to never give up on their dreams or stifle their creativity to fit in.

Raptology wants artists to speak their truth, tell stories through their craft without fear of criticism or bias for going against the system. With Raptology behind their efforts, artists have been able to rise to success.

If you or anyone you know or listen to has the talent and passion for their craft but lacks the backing to make it in the saturated landscape of music, Raptology is a home where they can thrive and realize their dreams. To be featured or learn more about what Raptology can do for your career, reach out via their email info@raptology.com. They welcome all. Artists and fans of music can follow raptology.com for everything hip hop related.

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