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Public Storage Locks: Everything You Need to Know

Everyone wants peace of mind when they put their Public Storage things into a safe or any storage. It can only be possible if you have a secured safe with better-quality locks. You can use public storage locks to provide extra security and are the best that you can buy. The manufacturers have strict specifications when building these locks and are also committed to testing and optimizing them.

Types of Public Storage Locks

These locks have two types and have hardened steel. The one weather-resistant padlock having a disc can fit into different units, and the other one of a mini size that can pass through the door and has an exposed U-shaped shackle.

Commercial locksmith in Chicago can be helpful to mount this type of lock. Some places need only a cylinder lock that is very trusted because it can fit perfectly into the door to eliminate the raised areas.

Cylinder Locks

These locks are commonly best to purchase almost everywhere because of their customized functions and features. These locks are rigorously tested to ensure and provide quality. The company can reject the whole shipment if this lock hits a specific failure rate.

The cylinder locks come with a wide range of keys distributed with the locks because of the additional lock parts rather than the other locks with only a couple dozen keys. These measures prevent someone from buying the same lock that can allow him to enter your unit and also make this lock more expensive.

Manufacturing Steps of Public Storage Locks

  • One machine opposing the other twelve machines in the production line to leave room for errors. You can also call it a progressive dye stamp.
  • To produce a more robust seal, the manufacturers use machine welding instead of hand welding.
  • Disc Locks use stainless steel that makes them durable.
  • Cylinder locks have plated chrome that provides shine and durability.
  • They have some drain holes that do not affect their security but allows water to flow that ultimately provides more durability and prevents damage.
  • They are hard to pick because of the precise manufacturing.
  • The substantial internal security pins provide more security and make the lock hard to pick.

What to Look for in Storage Locks

You should check some essential things in a lock before buying because a strong storage lock can deter many thieves due to the effort and time to break.


It is the part of a lock that can fit through the hasp of a storage door lock. The thickness of the shackle is just perfect to fit through the latch or hasp. It would help if you chose the thickest diameter shackle that can fit through it.

Locking Mechanism

It is a series of pins that works to hold the shackle in its proper place whenever you secure the lock. The shackle can release from its position when you insert a key into the lock. The lock can be harder to pick if it has more pins. The recommended number of pins is five in a lock that provides good security. You can also choose a lock with more than five pins if you want more security.

Lock Body

It’sIt’s a part of the lock that holds all the locking mechanisms in it. The manufacturers should keep it in mind to make the lock’s body with pure metal, preferably titanium or stainless steel.

Boron Carbide

It is a rigid material on the earth. It is a type of ceramic that is used chiefly in-tank armors and bulletproof vests. Some companies also use it to make high-security locks for exceptional security. These are expensive due to their high-end security level. It takes a tough try to cut them with bolt cutters. It can be over-secure for most people because no one needs that kind of security, but this lock is very secure.

You can also hire a professional that provides the service of rekey lock in Chicago. If you want to buy that kind of lock for storage units, you can choose from different available sites or a storage facility.

The Best Self Storage Locks

You should follow the expert recommendations to buy the best locks to safeguard your belongings. A quality lock could be a little bit more costly, but it will provide you the worthly peace of mind.

Closed-Shackle Padlocks

These are similar to standard padlocks in look, but they have a notable exception. The shackle is particularly a U-shaped bar that is thick, short, and protected by an outside casing. So, it can prevent the bolt cutters from reaching or at least make it difficult for them. Be sure to choose a model of closed-shackle lock if you want to choose a padlock.

Disc Locks for Units

Disc locks have thickly built shackles that can fit around the latch or hasp. So, no one can jam the bolt cutters in it. These locks are the most self-storage locks because they are pick-proof, strike-proof, and drill-proof. Disc locks have a mechanism that provides the pins anti-picking security due to stainless steel security.

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