Psychiatry: Reality and Medical Support

Treatment for psychosomatic disorders varies according to the situation after the disorder is diagnosed, and although there are many treatment options available to relieve the physical pain associated with a mental disorder such as medications or surgeries in some cases, doctors tend to use physical and psychological treatments together to rid the patient of feelings of anxiety and tension that It causes him to suffer from many health problems.

The role of the psychiatrist lies in raising the patient’s ability to overcome his health condition by teaching him intellectual skills to overcome the anxiety that he controls. Cognitive behavioral therapy is classified as one of the most common psychological treatments in cases of psychosomatic disorder.

Psychotherapy can help the patient and get rid of physical symptoms that are the source of delusions that stem from the mind, as physical pain is generated in some cases due to excessive thinking during anxiety and tension, which requires taking medications that accompany psychotherapy. Anti-inflammatories are one of the most important ways to get rid of muscle pain in The neck, which is caused by chemicals secreted by the body during periods of   psychological anxiety,


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What are you doing with mental patients

  • Sympathize with mental patients. Initiatives need to be taken to bring them back into the mainstream of society
  • Mental patients should be assured of primary health care just like the primary health care of normal patients
  • The cost of treating mental illness is very costly. The poor and common people of the country cannot bear this cost. Reducing the cost of mental illness treatment needs to be seriously considered
  • The number of psychiatrists in the country is negligible compared to the requirement. It is a very important to increase the number of psychiatrists
  • To increase awareness in society about mental illness.

People have stress. There is instability. Our emotions change for various reasons. Judgments change. It is manifested in a person’s speech and behavior. These may be mental illnesses.

It is a very old disease in the world. There are many misconceptions about mental illness in all world. With proper treatment, it is possible to get rid of mental illness or keep it under control.

This year’s theme is mental health is Dignity of Mental Health, for All. Mental health support. The stigma of mental health comes as mental patients are often mistreated. His rights are not respected. In many cases, the mentally ill have to live inhumane life.

The Government of Bangladesh has formulated the Mental Health Act 2016 considering the four conditions of mental patients. Mental patients have limited ability to speak or express themselves. They cannot speak for their rights. They cannot speak of any need.

Our society is such that normal people are discriminated against for various reasons. There is no need to say how helpless the disabled and mentally ill people are. This is not only happening in Bangladesh today. It has been going on like this for ages.

According to the World Health Organization, health is ‘physical, mental and social well-being. These three things are indicators of health. Bangladesh is doing well in the health sector according to the Millennium Development Goals.

The people of the country have been able to ensure primary health care. Now we say health for all. In many cases, it is becoming possible to integrate the mentally ill into the mainstream of society through modern medical systems.

Mental illness is as old as human history. There is a difference between treating normal patients and treating psychiatric patients. Treatment of mental illness is a little different.

Since the 1960s, there have been many improvements in the basic health care of ordinary people and since then the issue of healthcare of ordinary people has been much assured. But ensuring primary mental health care is still not clear to many of us.

From now on it is necessary to ensure primary health care for mental patients just like primary health care is ensured for normal patients. Then it is possible to cure the mental patient in the beginning.

In 2009, the World Health Organization conducted a review of primary care for these patients. The review found that if mental health patients were given primary health care, there would be a huge positive impact on mental health patients.

One in four people goes through a mental crisis at some point. But discrimination, prejudice, hatred, and neglect are rampant in mental patients. For this, mental illness is not considered as important as other diseases. But a complete health system cannot be ensured without improvement of mental health. So everyone concerned must work together to improve mental health.

Today is the year 2016. Now medical science has improved a lot in all world.

There was once such a family in the country, who never went to a doctor’s chamber in their life. But that is no longer the case. Today we are being awarded internationally for the improvement of the health sector. Now the people of the village are getting health care through the community hospital. Getting health care at the union level.

In the case of normal diseases, the patient gets better by taking . As the patient can understand it, so can others. In the case of mental illness, we already know that it takes a long time to understand. It is still true that we understand mental illness in big cities. There are still many people in the village who do not know what mental illness is.

Some people behave inconsistently. People are disturbed by their behavior. We call him crazy. But one of your family members, spouse, or friend has a mental illness. But no one understands that. But if he had attended to him in the beginning, he might have gotten better earlier.

People are more aware of mental illness than before. Various organizations including the media have a role to play in this regard. Not only should physical health be good, but mental health should also be good. If a person does not have good mental health, he will not be able to play a proper role in any field – family, society, or state. Step by step he will harm everyone.

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