Pests During Summer: How To Get Rid Of Them

You love the way your garden looks in the summer. It’s all fresh flowers and vegetables, right? The garden in is full bloom. But the pests can easily ruin all of it. If you love your garden, then summertime is when all the pests come calling.

It can be frustrating to see the flowers and leaves in your garden being ravaged by the many critters and pests. The persistence of pests during the summertime can be too much to bear but they have to be rid of. Here’s what you can do.

Cabbage White Butterflies

These are one of the most detested pests found in gardens during this season. They can be found on brassica plants. They lay their eggs right on them. Just one caterpillar hatched on a leaf of a new plant can be terrible news. It can eat all through the leaves and stems leaving the plant dies.

It is important to be careful when handling these squishy pests because they can be squashed if not done correctly. You don’t want that. Instead, the young plants of brassicas can be covered with a mesh net on the top to prevent any of these from laying or hatching their eggs. If not. Call on pest control Framingham MA for help.

There are also garden tents available to prevent these from starting in your garden.

Flea Beetle

These can be terrible for most of the plants in your garden or yard and should be got rid of immediately after you find them. They jump from one seedling to the next. They eat the leaves of the young plants and leave tiny holes in them. If the infestation of these pests has found its way into your garden, it is easy for them to eat through a big and mature plant with ease, even the stems.

Whether it is your eggplants, beans, or even potatoes, they can destroy any of them without any trouble.

Use seedling row covers to handle these right at the beginning.

Potato Beetles

If you have potatoes growing in your yard, be careful of these pests. The good news about them is that you can successfully pick them off your plants if you are good at them. However, if the infestation is large, it can be useful to have a small trench with a plastic cover installed on your potato plants for safety.

Japanese Beetles

The worst thing about these pests in your garden is that they are pretty ruthless when it comes to leaves. They are especially attracted to roses, grapes, and beans and it is best to just use your fingers to pluck them off your plants. But many people are scared to do so. For them, shaking the plants that have been infected and letting the pests fall off is a better idea.

As you can see, there are just too many pests that gardeners have to deal with when the weather starts getting warm. Being vigilant and taking care of them immediately is the best answer.

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