Jason Borkland

Ocean Advocate Jason Borkland Shares 4 Things You Can Do to Protect Marine Life

Oceans cover almost 70 percent of the planet and are home to important marine life and ecosystems. They play an essential role in regulating our climate and help produce 50% of the earth’s oxygen. Jason Borkland, a PADI certified diver based in Austin, Texas, was a mere thrill-seeker looking to mark exploring the ocean depths off his bucket list. But when he got to see the life living underneath the dark depths, his perspective changed, and he found a new purpose.

According to him, he was absolutely mesmerized and felt indebted to do everything in his power to protect the oceans. Today, as a master diver and content creator, he utilizes underwater photography and videography to educate his half a million followers about the importance of marine conservation and protection. If nothing else, he’s listed four simple ways we can do so.

  • Make sustainable seafood choices

Overfishing is the primary reason behind the rapid depletion of global fish populations. Jason recommends all to avoid shopping and ordering items that include overfished species at restaurants and instead choose sustainable seafood options. Choose your options wisely and avoid purchasing species that are endangered or overfished.

  • Avoid plastics

The earth is turning into a plastic planet, and it’s causing our oceans to suffer. Like any other conservationist, Jason constantly educates the audience to quit using plastics or at least change their lifestyle that is heavily reliant on plastic products. Plastics end up as ocean debris and are destroying the marine ecosystem faster than ever. You wouldn’t want your discarded plastic to result in a poor fish or turtle’s death.

  • Speak up, influence change, and volunteer 

Jason believes that every person, whether they have seen underwater life with their own eyes, must participate in influencing change and volunteer time and effort to protect marine life.

He shares his journey with the audience, which took him to collaborate as a diver and tagging expert with different non-profits and participate in fundraising for marine research and conservation. Through his efforts and assistance to local governments in Mexico, Costa Rica took drastic steps to preserve natural areas against overfishing. His journey teaches the audience to participate in conservation campaigns and research ocean policies in their regions to influence change and promote conservation.

  • Put an end to killing sharks

Sharks are generally feared and considered lethal oceanic animals. But interestingly, sharks, as the apex predators of the oceans, have an essential role in the ecosystem, and without them, most pelagic animals will die! Jason constantly raises his voice against the killing of sharks, which is crucial for the abundance and diversity of species in the ocean. He urges everyone to stand up for sharks as that is synonymous with healthy oceans. 

Saving the oceans may seem like an overwhelming task, and many of you might feel there is not much you can do. Jason urges everyone that if we all pitch in, we can make a big difference. 

You can be a part of his journey and play your role by taking the smallest steps towards marine conservation, which is educating yourself and the people around you. As Jason puts it, “ Enjoy but PLEASE PROTECT!”

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