Lucas Kephart with His Dynamic Coaching Skills to Improve the Gaming Arena

In baseball’s legacy, many players created history. But how? Because they trained hard, and their coaches became their backbone to stand a storm in the field. Lucas Kephart has vast experience as a baseball coach who aims to provide skillful coaching to passionate and emerging baseball players. Find out more about Lucas Kephart in the following paragraphs.

Lucas had a background as a strength coach and played Division 1 collegiate baseball player; He also served the community as a Division 1 collegiate baseball coach. He also received a scholarship to The University of Texas at Austin after graduating from Sacramento City College. He was awarded the “Male Scholar-Athlete of the Year” in the same college” in 2010. He was also a part of the Big 12 Newcomer of the week in April 2011.

Lucas was a very skillful player in the team, and his team was ranked in the top 5 in the country where they had a college world series in 2011, playing in the first NCAA National Championship tournament at Charles Schwab field in Omaha.

Hard work Is the New Rich.

After completing a baseball career, Lucas was invited on as a student-assistant coach under the winning NCAA Division coach of all time, Augie Garrido. Later he became the head catching instructor of coach Garrido and was named an assistant hitting coach.

The Training Mantra

Lucas played Division 1 baseball for 1 year, but unfortunately, he stopped playing due to injury. He had a short hot streak while I was healthy and also participated in the College World Series.

Lucas started his baseball training sessions back in 2021, and his training program undergoes these technical strategies.

Warmup: Tee work

(swings automatically replayed on HitTrax)

Front toss: Different locations in the strike zone

(swings automatically replayed on HitTrax)

Live BP: Different locations in the strike zone

(swings automatically replayed on HitTrax)

All swings saved on HitTrax, compare and contrast results of good/bad swings.

Customized sessions based on the hitter’s needs.

Use HitTrax data to analyze and evaluate areas for improvement.

Weekly emails were sent out with drills, notes, evals, etc.

Lucas’s Philosophy about Baseball Legacy

When asked how Lucas handled the criticism, so he shared his thoughts;

“I am open to respectful, constructive criticism when I am seeking it. I do not take well to unsolicited criticism from a source I am not seeking.”

Lucas has so many core values as a coach, including control, attitude, effort, and the major one, confidence as he shares,  

“Control your attitude and your effort, and you will maximize your potential”

He aims to deliver all these qualities to thousands of student-athletes and emerging baseball players to improve their game for future tournaments and leagues. Lucas did private coaching for the first time, where he taught the high school baseball lesson.

Multitasking At Its Finest

Lucas can coach multiple players at once during his rare small group sessions. He loves to post his training sessions and videos on various social media platforms while taking phone calls. He can show data and swing analysis to hitters while verbally and physically explaining and teaching his players during lessons and sessions.

Lucas mainly teaches hitting to improve the players’ rhythm, stance, and stamina. He desires to fill out all the weak areas and turn them into the inspiring strength that could create major differences in players’ performances. Some hitters need to improve their overall physicality; some just need a lighter bat, some need a stance adjustment, some need a mindset adjustment, etc. Lucas loves identifying the weaker areas to push them toward professional playing. If you’re excited to witness the incredible skills of professional players in action, don’t miss out on the opportunity to secure your MLB Dodgers Tickets and enjoy an unforgettable baseball experience.


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