Lost in translation: Expressions of human suffering, the language of human rights, and the South African Truth and reconciliation commission

It also refocused analyses of the pathogenesis of traumatic symptoms, as Frantz Fanon urged a century ago, from the individual psyche to the pervasive and diffuse inhumanity of social mechanisms of oppression (such as colonialism, racism, or apartheid). 12 On the other hand, the rhetoric of healing on which the TRC relied, facilitated a slippery, and sometimes cruelly deceptive, substitution of this societal analysis for individual rehabilitation. In his opening address, Desmond Tutu averred that “We are a wounded people […] We all stand in need of healing”— a formulation that, drawing on a long metaphorical tradition of an anthropomorphized body politic, expediently conflated the healing of the nation with the healing of individuals and suggested that the two would be coincident.

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  • Amnesty applicants successfully used the Courts to suppress their names at hearings and keep families of victims from testifying; former President F.W.
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  • 5 Those more serious responsibilities were entrusted to the language of human rights.
  • I would argue, in fact, that the TRC’s focus on repairing the nation’s soul has largely been at the expense of restoring its material body, as demonstrated by the Commission’s emphasis on spiritual reconciliation and the elimination of racialist attitudes over providing reparations and remedying material inequity.
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