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Life Lessons to Learn From the Sitcom Friends

We all love a good sitcom, which makes us laugh, is relatable and even makes our heart melt at times. One sitcom that people have loved and connected with greatly, is the TV show Friends. Friends is beautifully scripted and takes us through the transitioning of each character.  Well, there are also several life lessons that we can learn from this TV show, and if you want to learn about the lessons too, read along. Note: There are major spoilers ahead, so if you have not watched the complete show yet, you might find out things.

Any Kind Of Childbirth is Beautiful

The most beautiful thing that we learn from Friends and each character’s mode of childbirth is that all kinds of childbearing techniques are beautiful, be it Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, or Susan, all of these women did a great job in their life and their choices were cherished and respected by their fellow characters. What this teaches us is tolerance and inclusiveness.

Different People Can Have Different Opinions

From Phoebe and Ross’s discussion on evolution, as fun as it was, what we learned was how friends can have debates, and they might disagree with each other, but that does not mean that they stop being friends. Ross and phoebe continued being friends and greatly cared for each other.

No Good Deed is a Selfless Deed

Well, Joey said that everything we do is for our own benefit. A little philosophical but we do agree. If you do something good for someone, it is because you wanted to do it and it made you feel good. So, good deeds are also done for yourself and your satisfaction. Well, seems like Joey has got some great wisdom.

Hard Times Turn Into Learning Experiences

Well, since it is a long TV show and shows us how the characters grew in life. What we learned from their overall experiences is that hard times turn into learning experiences and they seem hard when lived, but later they become great stories to tell. Such as, Monica being overweight, or Ross’s divorces, and the best one being Phoebe’s life on the streets. She doesn’t use those stories to feel bad, but as learning and stories.

Good Friends Will Always Stay in Tough Times

Well we have multiple examples of how friends are there for you in tough times. Joey was there when Phoebe lost her scientist boyfriend. Similarly, Monica was there for Ross through his divorces, and she was also there for Rachel when she ran from her wedding. With Chandler’s painful past, his friends make life worth living for him. All these experiences teach us that good friends can make life easy to live.

No Matter How Hard it is, Always Speak The Truth

Every time a character was hiding something, they were convinced that it is easier to say the truth and be done with reality. Be it Rachel and Joey’s relationship, or Monica and Chandler hiding things from Ross, it was always easier to talk it out.

It Is Never Too Late To Take a Stand

Well, in the very initial seasons we realized how Rachel turned from a brat into a completely independent self-sufficient woman. Rachel realized on her wedding day that she didn’t want the life she was signing up for, and she left the wedding. This teaches us that it is never late to change your life.

Don’t Worry About What People Think

The best example of not caring about what people think is Phoebe’s attitude towards life. Phoebe maintained her lifestyle and goofy attitude and was much more satisfied with her life than the rest of the group, because she did not care about what people thought about her. She was her own favorite, and that is what mattered.

Always Stand For What is Right

One more things that we learn from Phoebe’s character was standing up for what is right. Phoebe standing with minimalism and animal rights is the biggest example of standing up for what is right. Well, we consider this a huge and very important life lesson and if you haven’t watched Friends and Phoebe’s phenomenal character you should watch it. One TV service that we suggest to watch your favorite TV shows is Spectrum TV. Spectrum Espanol even offers you customer service in Spanish language and TV channels that are half in English and Half Spanish.

Don’t Make Decisions While You’re Drunk

There are certain instances in the show where the characters make decisions when they are drunk. Rachel’s call to Ross about closure and Ross sleeping with another woman when he got drunk are example that one must never make decisions in drunkenness.

Don’t Cheat When You are On a Break

Well, a long and very debatable topic is Ross cheating when they were on a break. When Rachel took a break from Ross, Ross went ahead and cheated on her thinking she will not come back. Well, the opposite happens and he ends up making the situations even worse. So, the lesson to learn here is to never cheat. It is even morally wrong.

Never Leave the Keys For Someone Else to Pick

On the thanksgiving scene, when they all go on the roof, they forget the keys in the apartment and get locked outside. Rachel misses her thanksgiving trip, and all the different kinds of variations that Monica makes for everyone are burnt. This way they all end up having grilled cheese sandwiches for thanksgiving. Although it is a beautiful moment for Chandler and all of them, don’t miss the keys or you will get locked outside.

Live Your Life While you Have It

When Monica’s credit card is stolen, she realizes how someone would live life while they have it. The lady who steels her card lives life free of worries and enjoys moment, and that is when we realizes how one should get the best out of life while they have it. That is, in our opinion one of the greatest things to learn from life.

Well, the life lesson mentioned above are only some lessons that we get from the sitcom. We can learn many things from the life and experiences of all the six characters, and the rest of the side characters.

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