Learn Everything About The Company Behind EXANTE Broker For Fast And Secure Trading

If you are interested in learning about the company behind EXANTE Broker, you’ve come to the right place. Founder Alexey Kirienko is a derivations expert and hedge fund professional. In fact, he was a runner up and won his first investment competition during his third or fourth year.

Exante Is A Reliable Broker

The conditions of trading with Exante broker are simple. You only pay commissions if you withdraw your money or trade. There are no restrictions on the number of instruments you can trade or on the amount of settlement you can make. Exante broker is registered with the SEC. You can open an account for free. The company offers 24/7 support in several languages.

The founders of Exante Broker have worked hard to gain a place in the market. They have been recognized with more than 30 awards that are highly respected in the financial industry. They had their first clients almost immediately. They also created a cutting-edge software that makes it easy to trade in different markets. This modern approach to business has earned them a loyal client base. For more information you can visit https://sites.google.com/view/broker-review/exante/alexey-kirienko

Direct Market Access Exchange

Exante is owned by three individuals who share the same executive position: Gatis Eglitis, Alexey Kirienko, and Anatoly Knyazev. The three men were initially involved in another company that was later acquired by Exante. Their mutual goal was to create an exchange that would connect investors and traders. Since the onset of Exante, they have gained a lot of success in this arena.

The company’s desktop version can be used on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux systems, and its interface is available in 10 languages. There are no complicated options, and you do not need to switch accounts when using the desktop version. The platform features a drag-and-drop function and an API system for quick and easy order execution. The downside to Exante’s desktop interface is the lack of many technical indicators and third-party indicators. You can also expect a lack of limit orders.

This platform is available in several languages, including English, Russian, and Japanese. It also supports leverage and enables customers to trade using a variety of assets. Lastly, the broker has low commissions and requires a minimum deposit of EUR10,000 for new accounts. The company’s mobile app is also fully functional on mobile devices.

EXANTE is an international brokerage that offers direct market access to major stock exchanges. Exante offers a multi-asset trading platform, dedicated account management, and 24/7 support in ten languages. Traders can begin trading within minutes of signing up. You can choose from multiple currencies and trade with Exante in the Direct Market Access exchange. So, what are you waiting for? Why not start trading today?

Guarantees High Speed Of Transaction Processing

The Maltese-born CEO of Exante Broker, Alexey Kirienko, has long been a champion of cryptocurrency trading. He is known for introducing the first Bitcoin Fund in 2012, which became the world’s first regulated investment in cryptocurrency. Last year, Exante’s name changed to XNT Ltd but maintained its Portomaso Towers address.

Alexey Kirienko and Anatoliy Knyazef met in Malta after the elections to discuss cryptocurrency trading and its rise. The Malta Prime Minister, Silvio Schembri, visited Exante’s office in July and their relationship started long before the election. Anatoliy Knyazef is a top-notch Forex trader, and he’s a proven expert who can help you succeed in the crypto market.

Before joining Exante, Anatoliy Knyazef’s expertise is in software and cybernetics. He has worked as a lead developer for a number of IT companies, including Netcracker Technology Corp., a provider of Network Function Virtualization and Business Support Systems. His extensive software expertise has helped him design the Exante trading platform, which has no equal in the world.

Anatoliy Knyazef is a passionate advocate for cryptocurrency and has worked to position Exante at the forefront of the cryptocurrency debate. In his quest to help the cryptocurrency community become a mainstream investment method, Anatoliy Knyazef has spoken at many industry conferences around the world. You can hear his talk at one of the next major cryptocurrency conferences you attend. Visit https://sites.google.com/view/broker-review/exante/anatoliy-knyazev for further information.

Bottom Lines 

The EXANTE brokerage company was started in 2011 by Anatoliy Knyazef, a former trader with extensive knowledge of the stock market. He was instrumental in the launch of the exchange and a prominent investor in the financial world. The company’s services are offered through several other online brokerage services, such as the popular MetaTrader. And Anatoliy Knyazev aims to make trading more accessible for anyone.

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