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la carte eSIM1

SIM cards have already changed various formats in the history of mobile telephones. Basically, la carte eSIM cards display the same dimensions as full-size blue cards. Over the generations, new formats have been developed. Mini, Micro, and Nano SIMs today: The goal is to save space on smartphones, both to achieve finesse and to have more space to integrate different components.

One last type of SIM card exists today. This is the ESIM for embedded SIM, which can be translated as integrated SIM, or embed SIM in French. Return all you need to know about operations, facilities, date of arrival in France, activation, integrated SIM cards.

In the case of mobile plans adapted to la carte eSIM, the incoming operator Orange is a pioneer in France. Since June 2019, Moderns has effectively delivered ESIM to its customers in France. In February 2020, Kamala announced the entry into ESIM for everyone, but they have a suitable mobile. There are two ways to take advantage of ESIM on the operator’s premises:

  • For new customers: when simply subscribing to any package in the store;
  • For customers: All you have to do is request an ESIM activation directly in the case of Orange customers.

All mobile plans of the operator and its subsidiaries are compatible except MobiCart and Let’s Go. Activation fee 10 is for new customers and for those who want to switch from a physical SIM card to ESIM. They are free to renew this virtual SIM card.

Then comes the SFR. From January 2020, SFR mobile customers with any SSR-compatible device will be able to take advantage of it, except SFR La Carte, Multiuser, SFR Connect 6 Partout, SFR Internet Partout, and SFR Business customers. For SFR customers, the procedure is simple:

  • Go to SFR & Moil app;
  • Go to the customer area, “Offers and Mobile”, then “Mobile” and finally “SIM Card”;
  • Otherwise, go to the store and request an ESIM from a consultant.

The price for “ESIM Card to ESIM Card” to change “SIM Card to ESIM Card” is 10. Note: Surprisingly, new customers must first order a SIM card, sort it out on their mobile and activate it before they can apply for an ESIM card.

Finally, Boigius Telecom has been tied for a long time, but it is also offering ESIM from June 2020. Any new subscription to the mobile plan is available at ESIM stores for any possible renewal. For customers, the process is easily managed through the customer area:

  • Go to customer area;
  • Click “Change and Troubleshoot”;
  • Then on “emergency and problem solving”;
  • Go to “Manage my SIM (or ESIM) card”;
  • Finally, select “Replace my SIM (or ESIM) card”.

Valid for all of the operator’s mobile plans, the activation fee is free when subscribing to Sensation plans. These are $10 when renewing the smartphone with the sensing package and 20 20 for a physical SIM card replacement.

Free is now the most anticipated operator in the ESIM subject. But Xavier’s blue farm hasn’t jumped yet. It’s only been a matter of months: the CEO announced at a conference that ESIM should be available from telecom trouble makers by the end of the summer. Let’s go…

Red by SFR, as part of it, was updated at the same time as SFR. The operator offers its customers an ESIM order:

  • You need to go to the “Offers and Mobile” section of the customer area;
  • Click on the “Mobile” tab;
  • Select “Order a new SIM / ESIM card”;
  • Take “ESIM” after verifying that your smartphone is compatible.

Activation Fee $ 10 Active Activation is done in less than an hour compared to the so-called classic SIM card of 10 days so it saves a lot of time for the user.

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