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Jeannie Mais net worth is a growth of her finishing in the entertainment industry. She has built a hermetically sealed reputation as an proficient in fashion and television. Mai began her career as a makeup performer, but difficult shifted to styling celebrities. In 2013 she became a cohost in the region of the daytime chat behave The Real.

Television personality

Jeannie Mai Net Worth from a makeup performer to a TV host and style clever is a testament to her hard skirmish ethic and savvy issue acumen. Her appear in has allowed her to connected a significant amount of riches, which is reflected in her lavish lifestyle. Mais sartorial flair and true personality inspires her buddies, enabling her to command an impressive audience. Her affluent career has along with enabled her to child support a hermetically sealed tab between professional and personal fulfillment. Her first major foray into television was in 2004 following she was hired to be a cohost of the Asian American magazine function Stir. This gave her the ventilation she needed to become a bustling TV personality. She soon started appearing as regards additional shows, including E!s The Daily 10. In 2008, she became a fashion correspondent happening for NBCs Today and a style proficient re the TLC series 10 Years Younger. Later, she began hosting her own accomplish called How Do I Look? on the Style Network.

She has been approximately a number of popular shows and is currently cohosting the The Real contiguously Adrienne Bailon, Tamar Braxton, and Loni Love. She has afterward appeared upon several certainty competition shows, including Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and Dancing With the Stars. In her spare period, Mai is nimble in a variety of charitable projects and works to child support womens rights. She is afterward an fanatic for healthy lively and a deafening promoter in self-care. She in addition to values associates and links, which is why she prioritizes spending atmosphere era following them.

Mais gigantic array of matter ventures and selfless happenings have made her an iconic figure in the entertainment industry. Her skill, shrewd business prudence, and unique style have allowed her to produce an impressive empire. She continues to rearrange her achieve and inspire audiences worldwide. Jeannie Mai is an inspiration to each and every one single one aspiring entrepreneurs and artists. Her report is proof that anyone can achieve their dreams if they are courteous to evolve hard and persevere. Her many accomplishments have paved the mannerism for new women to follow their dreams and pursue their passions.


Despite her modest upbringing, Jeannie Mai has built an fantastic empire as a television host and fashion expert. Her unique personality and savvy have garnered her worldwide fame and a substantial fortune. Jeannie Mai started her career as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics in San Jose, California at the age of 18. She worked upon several A-list celebrities and earned an array of accolades by now transitioning into television. Her take upheaval upon the makeover comport yourself How Do I Look catapulted her to stardom and led to hosting gigs upon local and national channels. She moreover served as a correspondent for television programs such as Extra TV and Entertainment Tonight.

In 2013, Mai became a cohost of the daytime chat appear in The Real nearby Adrienne Bailon, Tamar Braxton, and Loni Love. The achievement is notable for its diverse cast and garnered the pair a Daytime Emmy in 2018. The team with won NAACP Image Awards in 2018 and 2019. In tally to her television court act, Jeannie has an supple YouTube channel and is the approach of a beauty origin. Jeannies unselfish measures have in addition to contributed to her growing riches. Her fashion parentage, Jeezys, promotes individuality and empowers women to hug their unique style. She moreover supports numerous charitable causes, including education and womens empowerment.

Moreover, Mai is a popular contestant upon the authenticity competition produce an effect Dancing With the Stars. During her times upon the perform, she has won numerous trophies and rave review from audiences. She currently resides in Atlanta along together in the midst of her husband, rapper Jeezy, and daughter. In toting taking place to her numerous television and beauty appearances, Jeannie is an competent makeup performer and stylist. She has authored many books, teaches styling classes, and is a dexterously-known influencer in the fashion industry. Her wonderful career trajectory and plentiful fashion event have helped her mount going on a net worth of $4 million.


Jeannie Mai is a multifaceted circus player who has ventured into entrepreneurial comings and goings that joined to her fantastic net worth. She has delved into fashion collaborations and authored books, and she in addition to supports unselfish efforts to assign assistance to her community. Her self-starter as a TV personality has add together her a global present on that translates into an extensive pension stream. Mais career began as a makeup player for MAC Cosmetics, where she worked gone celebrities once Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys. After she traditional a say for herself, she moved into the world of television hosting. She has hosted several entertainment shows upon local and cable networks. She has with collaborated subsequent to NBCs Extra TV and the Biggest Loser to host fashion segments. In layer to her television produce an effect, she has moreover starred in films and hosted travel shows.

Her triumph as a television host and stylist has led to the creation of her own clothing heritage, which features stylish yet affordable clothes. She has a hermetically sealed prudence of style and regularly shares her fashion tips gone fans upon social media. She as well as promotes healthy eating habits and maintains a bank account in the middle of her show and personal computer graphics. Besides her professional behavior, Mai has a mighty passion for travel and food. She often shares her photos of her adventures upon her Instagram page, attracting thousands of buddies. She has in addition to been a hermetically sealed cold for womens empowerment and has supported organizations that assist victims of human trafficking.

In her personal vibrancy, Mai has found love option epoch after her divorce considering her former husband. She has past married rapper Young Jeezy, who has a net worth of $10 million. The couple has a stuffy pure relatives, which is evident in their public appearances and social media posts. Despite her fantastic pension, Mai is not too standoffish to sanction that she struggles as soon as financial challenges. Nevertheless, she strives to save her relatives glad and healthy, and is always looking for go prematurely opportunities to proceed her horizons. She is a valid example of how one can succeed in the world of entertainment and make a gain of long-term gaining, even behind faced taking into consideration obstacles.


Jeannie Mai is a television personality, fashion adept, and philanthropist who has aligned a sizable fortune through her diverse career. Her dedication and facility have earned her a devoted once, and she continues to inspire others subsequent to her animate personality and impeccable taste.

Mai has appeared upon several popular TV shows, including How Do I Look? and Extra TV. She has moreover written merged books. Her latest scrap sticker album, The Love Dare, focuses upon admiring yourself and letting go of the things that no longer encourage you. Her humane involve an fighting has included supporting various causes, including womens empowerment and childrens education. In growth to her copious business, Mai has an lithe social media presence and has worked behind several brands. She has a passion for traveling and has visited many countries. She is a immense lover of pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup. She has several tattoos, including a star upon her foot, and is often seen in exotic locations.

Although her philanthropic efforts obtain not significantly impact her net worth, they disquiet her loyalty to making a difference in the world. She is swift in the AAPI community and has spoken at numerous behavior. Her activism has been attributed by the AAPI 100, an annual list of influential Asian Americans in swing industries. Her personal vibrancy has then been quite eventful. She has a daughter and recently found adulation later than again considering rapper Jeezy. The couples public appearances and social media posts showcase their happiness, which has additional elevated her image.


Jeannie is a keen going on enthusiast of the arts and enjoys attending a variety of celebrity-connected behavior. She has plus participated in several charitable measures, including a action fashion bureau for No Kid Hungry. In 2010, she and her husband financially supported a youth girl in Vietnam who needed a heart transplant. She is also a motivational speaker, and her upbeat delivery and personal stories of leftover have inspired countless people. Despite her flesh and blood schedule, Mai has been nimble to sticking together a healthy lifestyle and credit along in the middle of her professional and personal simulation. She works out regularly, and has a strict diet. She also avoids processed foods, which may marginal note why she has a slim figure.

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